KUCCPS Application and Revision of Courses

KUCCPS Application and Revision of Courses

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service, KUCCPS Online Portal is open for application and revision of courses. Learn more on how to apply for degree or diploma courses and select Universities, TTCs, Polytechnics, and other STEM and TVET college programmes of your choice.

To apply for KUCCPS placement to universities and TVET colleges or revise your course selection, check out the current KUCCPS cut-off and cluster points. Here are the Degree and diploma courses.

Private and Government Universities KUCCPS Sponsorship in Kenya

To apply for Government sponsorship/funding in Kenya as a student, here’s all you need to know;

  • All students will be placed into both private and public universities as per their individual choices, and the courses offered in both public and private universities will be available on the KUCCPS portal for selection by all students.
  • The Government has delinked student placement by KUCCPS from funding.
  • Under the new model, students placed in private universities in Kenya will receive government support by accessing HELB loans.
  • The new admission/placement criteria are the same.
  • Private universities in Kenya will continue to offer affordable, accessible, high-quality, predictable, and values-based education and research that develops the whole individual in pristine cosmopolitan, environments
  • Private universities will continue to offer excellent engagements with industry in a targeted manner to ensure continued high employability rates of graduates.

Steps for KUCCPS Application and Revision of Courses

Follow the comprehensive step-by-step guide to applying for a KUCCPS course revision and application for the selected institution of choice.

  1. Explore the KUCCPS Website 
  2. Discover the KUCCPS Student Portal tab
  3. Tap on the Login tab
  4. Enter your KCSE Index Number, your KCSE year, and your password. (Your password is your KCPE index number OR your birth certificate number.)

Once logged in, view the available KUCCPS courses and their costs, Universities, TTCs, Polytechnics, and other TVET colleges on the Programmes and Institutions tabs. When you find the courses of choice that you qualify for and can afford, you may add them to the Basket or note down their programme codes.

  1. To apply, tap on the Application/Revision tab
  2. Input the programme codes in the provided form in the order of priority.

(If you enter a code for a course you don’t qualify for, the system will reject it and you will have to enter a code for another course. Repeat this until all codes are accepted). Once the system has accepted all your programme codes.

  1. Tap on the Submit button
  2. To complete your submission, follow the payment procedures that will appear on your screen.

Well done, learn how to check your KUCCPS Placement Online. Applicants can also transfer applications to any of these top universities in Kenya via the KUCCPS Inter-Transfer Portal. To learn more, find questions and answers.

KUCCPS First Revision of Choices: Fact Check

  1. The KUCCPS portal is open for the First Revision of Choices. What does this mean and who is the target?

KUCCPS has an online channel (KUCCPS Portal) through which secondary school graduates apply for placement to programmes offered in universities and colleges. Initially, KUCCPS targets KCSE graduates and other persons seeking training opportunities. KUCCPS processed the applications that were received and reopened the portal to allow those who have not yet secured a course to apply for the remaining programmes.

The First Revision of Choices targets applicants who applied for courses and have not yet secured a course; KCSE examination candidates who have not yet applied for courses (Form Four leavers ) from the year 2000 to 2022 who have never enrolled in any tertiary training institution through the KUCCPS system.

  1. Which courses are available on the portal? How can someone know the available programmes?

The available programmes are at all levels – degree, diploma, craft certificate, and artisan certificate. Only the courses remaining with capacity after the initial application have been provided on the portal. Applicants should log in to KUCCPS Student Portal to view the available programmes.

  1. If someone applied recently and has received a message that they have been placed provisionally, what does it mean?

It means that the student has secured placement in one of their course choices but has to wait for the process to be completed. They need not reapply/revise their choices. The results of the placement will be communicated to the students at the very end of the placement process.

  1. What are the options for those who applied for KMTC or other programmes and did not succeed?

Those who scored C+ and above can apply for degree or diploma programmes that are on the portal. Some KMTC courses are also still available. There are also courses offered by the Open University of Kenya. Those who have C and below can apply for available TVET or TTC programmes. Additionally, there will be another KMTC intake later in the year.

  1. When revising choices, do applicants have to pay again?

Applicants need not pay again when revising their choices. They should use the same payment reference provided by eCitizen when they were paying during the recent application. This is the same code they should use as their account number when making payments.

  1. Where should applicants seek help?

They can start with their nearest Huduma Centre, where they will either find a KUCCPS officer or a Huduma Centre cybercafé attendant to assist them. KUCCPS service desks are available at Nairobi GPO, Eldoret, Meru, Nyeri, Kisumu, Kakamega, Nakuru, Kitui, Garissa, Isiolo, Thika, Nanyuki, Kitale, Narok and Mombasa

Huduma Centres. Secondly, they should visit any university or TVET institution where KUCCPS is offering support. Details of the institutions are on the KUCCPS website.

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