Nigeria Police CMRIS Motor Vehicle Info Certificate Portal

Nigeria Police CMRIS Motor Vehicle Info Certificate Portal

Follow these comprehensive steps to learn how to apply for a CMRIS Motor Vehicle Information Certificate through the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) – CMR Portal. Here, in the event of vehicle theft, flag your vehicle as stolen on the NPF Motor Vehicle Info Certificate Portal.

Motor Vehicle owners can an NPF CMRIS create an account to view request(s), sell vehicles, print certificates, profile update profiles, and edit passwords, email, and phone numbers.

The requirement for an individual/personal NPF CMRIS account is the National Identification Number (NIN). For corporate organizations, it is the Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Corporate Affairs Commission’s RC Number.

How to Create NPF CMRIS Account

Follow the steps below to create an account with the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Central Motor Registry (CMR).

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Select Profile Type (Personal or Organisation)
  4. Select Identification Type (NIN for Personal, TIN for Organisation)
  5. Enter your Identification Number
  6. Tap to Verify

If identity is verified, click Continue

  1. Confirm Email and Phone Number

If the Email is no longer valid and not displayed,

  1. Select No
  2. Enter a Valid Email

If the phone number is not current,

  1. Select No
  2. Enter the current Phone Number
  3. Confirm to receive a token through the current phone number and a valid email.
  4. Enter the token and click Confirm Token
  5. Click Continue to proceed
  6. Personal Information Page (Review uploaded NIN/TIN information)
  7. Select the Current State of Residence and Current LGA of Residence
  8. Confirm if your NIN/TIN address is the same as your current address. If No, enter your Current Residential Address.

If you selected the wrong response

  1. Tap on Change Selection to select the right response
  2. Create and confirm your password
  3. Click on Next to proceed

This should be noted for future reference and not disclosed to another person

How to Apply for CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate

Here are the steps to Apply for a CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate.

  1. Go to the NPF Motor Vehicle Information Portal
  2. Log in using your access Credentials
  3. Click Login
  4. Choose CMR Request (Select a Request and Sub-Request)
  5. Select Number of Requests – Select an option
  • Single- For only one motor vehicle
  • Fleet For more than one motor vehicle in one application
  1. Select Vehicle Category and Plate Number Type
  2. Enter Vehicle Details

NB: State Licencing Office – Where the vehicle was registered/licensed. State Requesting From – Where the applicant is requesting CMR service.

  1. Request Confirmation – Carefully review information for accuracy and genuineness.
  2. Click Proceed to view the Invoice and make payment.
  3. Logout Exit portal

Details of the request will be sent to the registered phone number or email address.

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