List of all Private Universities in Kenya

List of all Private Universities in Kenya

Explore the list of private universities and colleges in Kenya. Kenya has a number of universities and other institutions of higher learning. There are  35 registered private universities under KAPU in Kenya with a Letter of Interim Authority (LIA).

About Kenya Private Universities & Colleges

Private universities in Kenya have and continue to develop and train highly skilled and well-nurtured graduates who are not only employed locally and globally but have also established businesses that employ many Kenyans and contribute to the GDP of the country.

Besides academic and skills training, private universities continue to focus on nurturing of the whole person through the insulation of the right ethnic, attitude, and moral/spiritual values.

Private Universities the world over continue to contribute significantly to the social and economic growth of developed and developing countries. In the United States of America, for example, top Ivy League Universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, M.I.T., Johns Hopkins, and Cornell, among others, are all private Universities that have and continue to contribute immensely to the growth of humanity and societies through research and training, The Alumni of Stanford University. For example, contributed over USD 3 trillion in impact and have been responsible for the creation, growth, and impact of Silicon Valley.

KUCCPS Sponsorships for Private Universities in Kenya

Kenyan students who wish to study at any Kenya private university should notify this:

  • All students will be placed into both private and public universities as per their public, and private universities will be available on the KUCCPS portal for selection by all students.
  • The Government has delinked students’ placement by KUCCPS from funding.
  • The new admission/placement criteria are the same as what was placed before 2016.
  • Under the new model, students placed in private universities will receive government support by accessing HELB loans.
  • Private universities will continue to offer affordable, accessible, high-quality, predictable, and values-based education and research that develop the whole individual in pristine, cosmopolitan environments.
  • Private Universities will continue to offer excellent engagement with industry in a targeted manner to ensure continued high employability rates for the graduate.

All said and done, Private universities will continue to engage with all stakeholders to ensure that all Kenyan Students have equitable access to quality education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and employability opportunities for the benefit of their parents, communities, and the posterity of Kenya.

List of Private Universities in Kenya

Here is a list of private universities and colleges in Kenya.

  1. Adventist University of Africa
  2. Africa International University
  3. Africa Nazarene University
  4. Aga Khan University
  5. Amref International University
  6. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  7. Daystar University
  8. Great Lakes University of Kisumu
  9. Gretsa University College
  10. Hekima University College
  11. International Leadership University
  12. Kabarak University
  13. KAG East University
  14. KCA University
  15. Kenya Highlands Evangelical University
  16. Kenya Methodist University
  17. Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology
  18. Lukenya University
  19. Management University of Africa
  20. Marisk International University College
  21. Mount Kenya University
  22. Pan Africa Christian University
  23. Pioneer International University
  24. Presbyterian University of East Africa
  25. Riara University
  26. Scott Christain University
  27. St Pauls University
  28. Strathmore University
  29. Tangaza University  College
  30. The East Africa University
  31. UMMA University
  32. United States International University
  33. University of Eastern Africa, Baraton
  34. Uzima University
  35. Zetech University

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