New Standards-Based Curriculum-NaCCA

New Standards-Based Curriculum-NaCCA

The new standards-based curriculum design by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) in partnership with the Ministry of Education is to ensure the quality of education and inclusive for all learners. It is for this reason that the new curriculum sets all the subject areas learners must be taught, how they should be taught, and how to assessed them. Also, it provides a set of basic skills learners are to acquire and demonstrate as they progress from one curriculum stage to the other.

Teachers Manual for Standards-Based Curriculum

The curriculum and its related teachers’ manual encourage the use of inclusive and gender-responsive pedagogy which placed learners at the Centre of teaching and learning. Hence, all learners regardless of their gender can participate freely in every learning activity.

Also: Access the curriculum for SHS Syllabus – pdf

Henceforth,  at the point of exit from formal education, the new curriculum expects all learners to acquired 4Rs of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Creativity which are the foundational skills for life, also prerequisites for becoming a digitally literate, critical thinker, and problem solver.

Download GES and NaCCA Weekly Lesson Plan

NaCCA Teachers Resource Pack

This resource pack is meant to guide and inform primary school teachers about the implementation of the new standards-based curriculum and lesson preparation. Also, the pack explains in detail strand; sub-strand; content standard; and learning indicators as well as all keywords/concepts teachers need to understand and address during a lesson. A sample lesson plan format has also been provided to guide teachers in weekly lesson plan preparation.


  1. List of Approved Textbooks  (KG-BASIC 6) -NaCCA
  2. Learners Resource Pack- NaCCA
  3. The New Common Core Programme (CCP)
  4. National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA)
  5. NaCCA and its New Educational Policies in Ghana
  6. The New Common Core Programme Manual-free Download
  7. List of Recommended Textbooks for the Common Core Programme (KG-BASIC 6) -NaCCA
  8. Teachers Resource Pack- National Council for Curriculum and Assessment
  9. NaCCA Weekly Lesson Plan- free download

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