How to Fill out CSSPS School Selection and Placement Form PDF

How to Fill out CSSPS School Selection and Placement Form PDF

Download and learn how to fill out the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) form (PDF) with your best category of SHS choices, program, code, and indicate to study as a day or boarding student.

To get your preferred Senior High School (SHS) choice through the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) form (PDF), follow these comprehensive step-by-step procedures carefully to fill out your school selection and placement form.

How to Fill out CSSPS School Placement Form

Candidates who wish to enter SHS/TVET schools must, with guidance from parents/guardians and school authorities:

  1. Select Six (6) schools and rank them in order of preference with the 1st being the most preferred choice.
  2. Select programmes and residential status for each choice of school.
  3. Select a compulsory day school as the 6th choice within 16km of the JHS attended or choose a boarding school from the list of schools in Appendix 3.
  4. Select 5 schools (1 Category A, 2 Category B, and at least 2 Category C schools) from Appendix “4” for consideration of 2nd placement if you miss out on all your initial six (6) choices.

To complete and submit your placement form, candidates;

  1. Cannot choose more than one (1) School from Category A
  2. Cannot select more than two (2) schools from Category B
  3. May select five (5) schools from Category C and One (1) from Category D (Day) or Appendix 3 (Special Boarding).
  4. Lastly, candidates who wish to offer purely TVET or STEM Programmes must select all six (6) Institutes/Schools from CATEGORY A, B, and C as Day or Boarding. Explore the list of STEM SHS Schools in Ghana.

How to Fill the CSSPS Cluster School Selection Form

  1. Candidates must select 5 schools from Appendix “4” (1 Category A school, 2 Category B schools, and at least 2 Category C schools).
  2. Candidates must not repeat a school from the initial six (6) choices on this cluster form (In the event a candidate misses out on all initial six (6) choices, the candidate may be placed in any of the schools in the selected cluster form).

To get started, Download New GES CSSPS School Selection Form PDF.

Verification of Senior High School CSSPS Placement

As part of measures to ensure a smooth placement, the Free SHS Secretariat will be made available the choices of schools selection by Each BECE candidate via SMS, USSD messaging as well as CSSPS Verification and Confirmation Portal.

Besides, parents or candidates are to check and ensure the selected schools, courses, residential status, and gender are all correct by using this shortcode or via the CSSPS Verify Portal.

NB: If what you filled in at school is not what has been captured in the system, notify for corrections through your JHS head. I have a question.