URA Taxpayer EFRIS

URA Taxpayer EFRIS

Discover the URA EFRIS Portal and login to issue e-receipts and e-invoices online as taxpayer who is registered for VAT. Download the app from AppStore or Play Store and install it on your phone. Set up the app with your goods or services and start to issue e-invoices.

What is EFRIS?

EFRIS is the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution. It is a business solution, that enables businesses to record transactions and share transaction information with the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in real-time. The system ensures transparency and accuracy and this enables collection of correct taxes.

Who is required to use EFRIS?

All VAT-registered taxpayers are required to use EFRIS to issue e-invoices to their customers. However, non-VAT registered taxpayers can also voluntarily use EFRIS (in this case, they issue clients with e-receipts).

How do we use URA EFRIS

To use EFRIS taxpayers can choose any of the following options that may suit them;

Shops/Mobile Distributors/ Route SalesTHE EFRIS APP (On Mobile Smartphones)Download the app from AppStore or Play Store and install it on your phone. Set up the app with your goods or services and start to issue e-invoices. It works with the internet but can operate offline for up to 5-days.
Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD)An EFD is a portable device used to conduct sales. It has a Point of Sale system (POS) and a virtual Sales Data Controller (SDC) connected to produce e-receipts and e-invoices. It has a secure memory where all data is kept and transmitted to URA when transactions are made. Traders may purchase the EFD from Rank Consult (U) Limited, the accredited supplier at SMS House 7th Street Industrial Area at a cost UGX 1,100,000.
Wholesale and Retail ShopsThe Desktop (Client Application) Software:Can be installed on your preferred device like desktop computers, laptops, or tablets. Suitable for moderate sales. Download it from the URA website (http://ura.go.ug) under the e-invoicing downloads menu on the EFRIS link. It works with the internet but can operate offline for up to 5-days.
Wholesale and Retail ShopsThe URA Web PortalAccessed via (http://ura.go.ug) to issue e-receipts and e-invoices by clicking on the EFRIS link on the URA portal. This web portal option is only available for clients who do not have a billing system, with less than 100 daily transactions, and annual sales below UGX 2 billion.
Businesses with Computerized Accounting SystemsSystem-To-System Connection:A trader’s sales system is integrated (combined) with EFRIS to generate e-receipts and invoices using a special software called Application Programming Interface (API). Suitable for businesses having high-volume transactions and with computerized accounting systems (eg. ERP and POS).
Fuel StationsElectronic Dispenser Controller (EDC):This is specifically designed to manage fuel and gas stations.

The EDC automatically transfers the information to the connected EFD to generate e-receipts in real-time.

NB: URA is available to assist traders in the usage of any of these options.

How to Register for URA EFRIS as a First-Time User

Once a transaction is initiated using any of the solution’s components, transaction details are transmitted to URA in real time to generate e-receipts and e-invoices.

  1. Go to the URA Web Portal
  2. Click ‘Login’ on the top right corner
  3. Select EFRIS from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter your TIN and Password
  5. A one-time password OTP will be sent to your registered email.
  6. Input the OTP to get access to the EFRIS homepage.
  7. Select ‘first-time registration‘.
  8. Select whether to use e-invoicing or EFDs, additional places of business (if any)
  9. Submit the application to URA for approval

Benefits of EFRIS

EFRIS enables a business to:

  • Track stock, detect theft, and monitor your business anytime, anywhere
  • Maintain accurate business records
  • Access tax refunds faster, thus boosting cash flows
  • Confirm the correct amount of VAT to declare to URA
  • Access prefilled tax returns and therefore avoid penalties for late or non-filing
  • Eliminates the risk of physical data loss with secure transactional digital data

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