Discover and download the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) – Online Student Information Portal App known as UEW OSIS SIP.

The UEW OSIS SIP App enables students to register for courses, Pay Fees with MoMo and Visa/MasterCard, and check end-of-semester examination results online.

How to Download the UEW SIP App

Download the University of Education (UEW) OSIS SIP App and learn how to navigate your academic journey effortlessly with our intuitive and user-friendly interface. Access all vital information at your fingertips.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store OR Apple Store
  2. Search for UEW SIP
  3. Download and Install
  4. Launch the App on your Phone
  5. Create a Student Account using your student email.

To get started, learn how to create a UEW Student Email. Also, Download the UEW Quick Access App.

UEW Mode of Fee Payment

Students shall pay their fees only at designated banks for their respective Campuses/Colleges.

All designated banks are networked, and payment can be made at any of their networked branches. These designated banks receive University of Education, Winneba fees through the TRANSFLOW PAYMENT PLATFORM. Students are advised to ensure that their fee payments are MADE ONLY THROUGH the TRANSFLOW PAYMENT PLATFORM.


See UEW Admission Fees

UEW USSD Code for School Fee Payment

The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) school fee payment can be made through all mobile money (MoMo) networks using the short code *887*50#.

  1. Dial *887*50#
  2. Search for School
  3. Enter the School’s Full Name (e.g University of Education, Winneba) or Alias (e.g UEW)
  4. Enter your Student ID
  5. Enter an Amount
  6. Enter Payment Reference
  7. Select Option 1 to Confirm
  8. Wait to authorize School Fees Payment
  9. Enter your MoMo PIN to Approved

How to Check Your Exam Result on UEW SIP

Here’s how to check your end-of-semester results at the University of Education, (UEW).

  1. Go to the UEW Website
  2. Navigate to the Student Page or Use the SIP App
  3. Tap on OSIS
  4. Login with your Credentials
  5. Access the SIP Dashboard
  6. Tap on Academic Results

Well done!! Your academic results will be displayed.

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