Moi University Hostel Booking Portal

Moi University Hostel Booking Portal

Learn all procedures for room booking and filling out the non-residence form at Moi University (MU) through the hostel portal.

Moi University Hostel Booking Procedures

All rooms at Moi University shall be booked online through the hostel portal. Here’s the procedure below:

  1. Visit the Moi University Website
  2. Go to the Main Menu ‘Students’
  3. Tap on the Student Portal or visit the portal directly by clicking
  4. To use the system for the first time, click forgot your password
  5. Enter your Registration Number and click Reset Password

An email has been sent to your email address (********** with a link to reset your password.

  1. Tap on ‘OK’
  2. Go to your Email
  3. Tap on the link provided
  4. Enter a suitable password that you will use to login to MU Student Portal

A password set should be strong and easy to remember

  1. Tap on Login to access the Student Dashboard
  2. Tap on the Hostel Booking under the Accommodation tab
  3. Select an Available Room for your preferred Hostel

Available Room will display all vacant room spaces.

  1. Click on Room Spaces
  2. Select a Vacant space by clicking on Book Space
  • Vacant: All spaces are available,
  • Partially Occupied: Some spaces are available and others booked,
  • Fully Occupied: All spaces are filled up

A confirmation window will appear

  1. Tap on ‘Yes, Book it’ to complete the Hostel Booking process

If you already made payment of fees and room charges, you will get a link to download and print your room invoice and room inventory form which will be verified by the Hostels’ Department on the day of reporting before issuance of room keys and other inventory items.

Non-Resident Students

Follow the booking procedure below to apply as a Non-residential student.

  1. Access the MU Hostel Booking Portal
  2. Navigate to the Course Registration tab
  3. Tap on Non-Resident under Students Residents
  4. Tap on the dropdown arrow to display the available options
  5. A Non-Residential Form will be generated
  6. Fill in all the required information
  7. Tap on the ‘Submit Form’

A confirmation window will appear. The form will be reviewed by the relevant authorities and you will get a notification to download your form.

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