NPC Vital Reg Birth Certificate Registration

NPC Vital Reg Birth Certificate Registration

Learn how to get the mandatory government-approved digital birth certificate for your children by using the self-service (Vital Reg) option on the NPC website: or visit the nearest NPC Office/Registration Center.

What’s Vital Reg?

Vital Reg is a comprehensive Electronic Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (ECRVS) application designed to transform the recording and management of vital events like births, deaths, marriages, and migrations that deserve efficient and accurate registration processes.

Type of Vital Reg Record Cover

  • Vital Reg covers events like Birth Registration, Birth attestation, Death registration, stillbirth registration, Diaspora birth & death notification, Migration notification, Adoption notification, and marriage & divorce notification.
  • Vital Reg provides a Self-Service (web-based Self Service, cross-platform functional application that is accessible across devices), and an Assisted service (on-boarded hospitals and nearest NPC-approved centers).

What are the Benefits of Using Vitalreg?

  • Economic Planning
  • Civil Rights and Legal Documentation
  • Identity and Citizenship Validation
  • Birth and National Identity Authentication
  • Population Planning and Policy Development
  • Healthcare Planning and Disease Control
  • Fosters National Security
  • Foreign Relations and International Reporting
  • It provides a certificate that is credible and verifiable by any entity

What is Birth Registration?

Birth Registration is the comprehensive recording and administration of individual birth data, capturing vital information and other relevant data to easily generate birth certificates and give the child access to citizenship and government services.

Why Birth Registration?

Birth Certificate Registration enables you to;

  • Secures your child’s foundational and national identity
  • Prevent statelessness by giving the child
  • Access to citizenship and legal rights
  • Helps the government with relevant birth

Vital Reg Eligibility and Requirements for Birth Certificate Registration

  • Applicants without NIN will only receive a notification of birth and a temporary birth certificate number.
  • To get your certificate faster, NIN is required. You’ll get downloadable once your application is approved. No, payments are non-refundable.
  • Attestation is only for applicants within the age of 18 years and above (18+).
  • As an applicant, you need a valid National Identification Number (NIN), email address, and an active phone number.

Did You Know

How to Check NPC Application Status Online

How to Access NPC Vital Reg Birth Registration Portal

Get the mandatory Govt- approved digital birth certificate for your children. Use the self-service by logging on to and doing it yourself.

  1. Go to NPC Website
  2. Navigate to the top menu
  3. Access the Service Options
  4. Select a Service
  5. Check email for the payment reference and all other important information to complete the registration process
  6. Download or print the certification when approved

National Population Commission Birth Certificate Registration Procedures on Vital Reg Portal

Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to register a birth certificate via the NPC vital reg portal.

  1. Log onto the NPC Website
  2. Navigate to Service
  3. Tap on Birth Registration
  4. Tick the “I have read and clearly understood the above instruction” box
  5. Select New Application
  6. Enter your Email Address and Make the Payment
  7. Input Parents’ Birth REG Number and validate it
  8. Input the child’s NIN and fill details
  9. Fill in the details of the child’s parents
  10. Fill in info on Child’s Informant
  11. Upload Supporting Document
  12. Sign and Submit
  13. Check status with Ref No.
  14. Tap to download the certificate

Alternatively, walk into the nearest NPC registration center or hospital and obtain the digital birth certificate for your children.

To reprint your Birth Attestation Certificate, All you need to do is visit the NPC website to reprint your certificate. You will be charged only for a certificate reprint.

Register for a Birth Certificate as a Foreigner

Connect your child to their Nigerian roots and identity. Register your child born abroad in just a few steps on the National Population Commission website.

To get started

  1. Login to Start Application
  2. Provide a Valid Email Address
  3. Proceed to Make Payment by inputting your card details
  4. Enter the child, parents, and other details
  5. Preview information input email address and submit successfully
  6. Download the digital notification sent to your email

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