Explore KsTU Student Portal

Explore KsTU Student Portal

Explore KsTU Student Portal via https://portal.kstu.edu.gh/students/login designed for students of the Kumasi Technical University to Login with the Username and Password and access the Online Course Registration platform or check the statement of results.

About KsTU Student Portal Online Registration

a. Every student must be admitted into a Department for a programme of study and must be properly registered for courses during the official registration period at the beginning of each semester. The student shall plan his/her courses in consultation with his/her Head of Department.

b. Students shall report on the day that the University reopens and register within two (2) weeks from that day. It shall be permissible for those who are unable to register within the said period to undergo late registration with a fine.

c. A fine to be determined by the Academic Board shall be imposed on students for late registration. No registration shall be allowed after two weeks of closure of registration.

d. (i) A student who is unable to register within the formal registration period on grounds of ill-health, shall on the provision of a Medical Report issued or endorsed by the Medical Officer of the University’s Clinic be allowed to register within five (5) working days from the day of closure of formal registration.

(ii) In the event of the inability of such a student to register within the five (5) working days stipulated in paragraph (i)’ above, he/she will be allowed a deferment for a semester. In a situation where some of the first semester courses, are prerequisites for the second-semester courses, the deferment shall be for the whole academic year (i.e. two (2) semesters).

e. (i) There shall be no registration by proxy.

(ii) A student who does not duly register within the registration period shall lose his/her student status.

f. (i) Registration for the appropriate courses shall qualify a student to write an examination. Where a student registers for a course but fails to write the examination, the student shall be deemed to have failed the course unless reasons acceptable to the Faculty Board and the Academic Board can be advanced. In this case, the student shall be graded incomplete (I) and be expected to take part in the next available main examination.

(ii) Students shall not be permitted to change their elective courses after one (1) month of re-opening.

(iii) In order to qualify as a full-time student, the student must take courses equivalent to the following range of credit hours, both limits inclusive, per semester.

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KsTU Online Course Registration

Here are the 10 simple stages on how to register for online courses

  1. Browse the URL: https://portal.kstu.edu.gh/students/login
  2. Login with the Username and Password
  3. Navigate to the left side menu
  4. Tap Course Registration or see the statement of results
  5. Select the required courses that are mounted for you
  6. Tap Register
  7. Enable popup in the browser if required
  8. Print this page or Save it As a PDF
  9. Log Out
  10. Submit form for endorsement

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In Summary

In this case, the total credits per semester shall end at 18/19 to make room for the open electives. The total credit hours will be prescribed by the Department with the approval of the Faculty/Centre and Academic Board.
A student shall attend at least 75% of lectures, seminars, workshops, and practical sessions prescribed for the courses for which he/she has registered as a precondition for writing an examination.