Explore UPSA Virtual Platform

Explore UPSA Virtual Platform

Explore UPSA Virtual Platform via www.join.upsavirtual.site and login with your Index Number and Password to complete your course registration for the semester.

All students of University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) are required to use their student email (UPSAmail) account as the official channel for email communication. Thus, the link to activate UPSA Virtual which is the University’s platform for online teaching and learning can only be accessed through your UPSAMAIL.

UPSA Student Portal

How to use the UPSA Virtual Online Learning Platform

To successfully use UPSAmail and UPSA Virtual Online Learning Portal you must do the following:

  1. Complete your course registration for the semester
  2. Activate your UPSAmail and Change your default password to a suitable password of your choice
  3. Set up your password recovery with your Mobile Phone Number
  4. Reset your UPSA-Virtual password as and when necessary

4 Easy Ways to Activate your UPSA Virtual Platform

  1. Open your UPSAmail and follow these simple guides
  2. Find the link sent via your Email
  3. Tap on the link and follow the instruction in your mail to access UPSA-Virtual
  4. Follow the instructions to change your password. (It will be your new password for Subsequent logins)

UPSA Hostel Portal

Login UPSA Virtual Platform

  1. Browse the URL: join.upsavirtual.site
  2. Enter your Index Number and Password
  3. Tap Login Button

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Invalid Login” Error Message

If you see the error message “invalid login” when you attempt to log in, it means the username (student ID) or the password you have provided is wrong. You can retry by entering the correct username (student ID) and password.

How to Reset your Password

  1. Visit join.upsavirtual.site Login Page
  2. Tap forgotten username or password
  3. Enter only your Index Number in the username textbook
  4. A link will be sent via your UPSA mail (UPSA E-Learning Platform) on how to reset your password.
  5. Follow the instructions in the mail to reset your password