DOWNLOAD UEW Mature Entrance Examination Past Questions PDF

DOWNLOAD UEW Mature Entrance Examination Past Questions PDF

The University of Education, Winneba – UEW will conduct the entrance examination for both Sandwich mature applicants, distance and Regular mature applicants (Wednesday, November 24, 2021) before giving admission to all successful applicants. Check entrance examinations schedules and all that you need to know.  Download Entrance Examination Past Questions.

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UEW Mature Entrance Examination General Paper

The UEW Mature Entrance Examination General paper is in three (3) sections, A, B, and C.  Section A is on English Language, B is on Mathematics, and Section C is on Current Affairs. You are to answer all questions. Each question is followed by four options A – D. Shade the letter of the correct answer on the sheet provided.

NB: Before the general paper applicant will be assess base on the programme of choice (Subject Area).

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Entrance Examination Past Sample Questions

1. The process by which scientific knowledge is utilized to the benefit of human beings is referred to as.

A. science

B. consumption

C. pacification


2. The low level of the application of science for technological advancement in Ghana can be attributed mainly to.

A. the superstitious beliefs of the people

B. people’s disregard for science and technology

C. poor foundation for the development of science and technology.


3. Scientific and technological knowledge is acquired to solve human problems through

A. ingenuity and creativity

B. capital accumulation

C. the establishment of grammar schools

D. the availability of natural resources

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4. Which of these is a benefit of science and technology

A. production of weapons of mass destruction

B. increase in infant mortality

C. immunization against diseases

D. global warming and climate change


5. To improve upon science and technology education in Ghana, basic schools should be

A. staffed by only science teachers

B. supplied with adequate science equipment

C. permitted to enroll children who are average

D. made to teach only science subjects


6. The factor which greatly militates against the work of researchers in Ghana is

A. apathy of government

B. lack of research assistance

C. inadequate funding

D. brain drain


7. Which of the following statement is true about technology?

A. systematic observation of phenomena

B. learning of scientific principles

C. utilization of scientific principles

D. discovery of scientific principles


8. An improvement in technological application in the production of the commodity would lead to.

A. reduction in its unit price

B. increase in its price

C. decrease in its price

D. decrease in its supply


9. the key to technological development is the utilization of

A. inert knowledge

B. capital resources

C. natural resources

D. scientific knowledge


10. A body of knowledge about our physical world acquired through systematic inquiry and mental effort is referred to as

A. technology

B. science

C. innovation

D. invention.

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UEW Mature Entrance Examination Past Questions

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