UEW VClass App for Regular & Sandwich students

UEW VClass App for Regular & Sandwich students

UEW VClass App

Downlaod UEW VClass App, it  helps you track your activities and the date that they will be due. Also, the UEW VClass App sends you instant notifications for activities such as assignments, quizzes, and chats.

Log In to enroll and submit assessment on the Virtual Learning Environment.

Besides, the UEW VClass App performs its functions, but if you want to unenroll yourself from a course you have to switch to use the browser to unenroll yourself a course. Here is step by step how to unenroll yourself from a course on UEW Learning Management System.

The UEW VClass App is available on the Google App store for download.

How to Submit Assignment using UEW LMS Mobile App

  1. Download the UEW VClass App from the Google Play store
  2. Log into your dashboard
  3. Locate the course
  4. Scroll down to your timeline to see all your activities
  5. Click on ADD SUBMISSION
  6. Submit your assignment via online text submissions or Upload documents
  7. Tap on + ADD FILE
  8. Click on file
  9. Locate the documents in your file manager or file explorer
  10. At your top right corner, tap on SAVE and Click OK
  11. Submit assignment and Tap on OK
  12. Congratulations your assignment is submitted for grading

NB: Accepted file types:

Document files .doc .docx .epub .gdoc .odt .oth .ott .rtf

PDF document .pdf

Maximum size for new files: 50 MB, maximum

Attachments: 20

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In Summary

Note that, when submitting your assignment make sure your name the document with the exact name as required from your lecture. Besides, make sure you’re submitting the correct file. Because when the system required one attempt in submitting your assignment, you won’t be allowed to delete, exit, or resubmit another file.

Also, after uploading and saving your assignment (Draft (not submitted) this means that, you have saved on the system, but not submitted. Hence, at this stage, you can tap on EDIT SUBMISSION to edit and upload another file (if you upload a wrong file).