Mature Entrance Exams Past Questions and Answers PDF

Mature Entrance Exams Past Questions and Answers PDF

Explore and download Mature Entrance Exams Past Questions and Answers in PDF. In Ghana, University Applicants who are 25 years above as at the time of application, and wish to gain admission to any University in Ghana have to write a General Aptitude Test before getting admission.

Universities such as UEW, UCC, AAMUSTED, KNUST, Legon, UPSA, UENR, GIMPA, UMaT, UDS, among Technical Universities as well as Ghana School of Law require applicants above 25 years to write an Aptitude Test as one of the major requirements for admission.

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Here are the top Likely Mature Entrance Examination Past Questions and Answers in Ghana for your perusal.

1. The third and current governing council of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (CCA) was inaugurated by the Minister of Education in which year?
A. 2017
B. 2010
C. 2019
D. 2018

2. Who is the Commander Chief of the Ghana Armed Force?
A. DSP Kofi Boakye
B. IGP David Asante – Appeatus
C. Dominic Nitiwul
D. President Nana Akufo Addo

3. Express 0.000344 in standard form
A. 3.44 × 10^-6
B. 3.44 × 10^-4
C. 3.44 × 10^-2
D. 3.44 × 10^-3

4. When twelve is subtracted from three times a certain number and the result is divided by four, the answer is eighteen. Find the number
A. 28
B. 84
C. 40
D. 20

5. Find the image of A(-4, 5) when rotated anticlockwise through 900 about the origin
A. A’ (4, 5)
B. A’ (-5, -4)
C. A’ (4, -5)
D. A’ (-4, -5)

6. Express 75882 to the three significant figures
A. 75900
B. 7590
C. 759
D. 759000

7. Multiply 6.4 × 10^-2 by 8.5 x 104 and leave your answer in standard form
A. 5.44 × 102
B. 5.44 × 10^-3
C. 5.44 × 103
D. 5.44 × 103

8. When did the World Health Organization (WHO) declare COVID – 19 as a global pandemic
A. 28th February 2020
B. 20th February 2020
C. 16th March 2020
D. 11th March 2020

9. Some students complained that the appraiser……… too little about them. Choose the word that completes the sentence.
A. Knowing
B. Knows
C. Knew
D. is Known

10. Correct 0.024561 to three significant figures
A. 0.0246
B. 0.0246
C. 0.03
D. 0.025

11. Though many of the toys were INEXPENSIVE the most beautiful amongst them were… Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the bolded word.
A. Envious
B. Costly
C. Special
D. Lovely

12. A tale in which the characters are often animals…………..
A. a fable
B. an epic
C. a ballad
D. an ade

13. A leaf is heated in ethanol before testing it for the presence of starch. This was to
A. Kill the leaf
B. Give the leaf a large surface area
C. Remove the chlorophyll
D. Soften the leaf

14. People enjoy stories with……………setting rather than those with a far-fetched background. Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word.
A. Practical
B. Concession
C. Artificial
D. Issue

15. The maize weevil does not
A. Boreholes into grains
B. Reduce the nutrient and market value of grains
C. Reduce grain to powdery form
D. Leave grains moldy

16. Which of the following is an infinite set?
A. {1,3,….11,13}
B. {2,4,6,8,10,12,14}
C. {2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 12, 17,….}
D. {3,6……18,21,….33,36}

17. A number is selected at random from the set (25, 26……..35). Find the probability that the number selected is a prime number.
A. 3/11
B. 2/11
C. 5/11
D. 1/11

18. Find the simple interest on GHS 600.00 saved for 2 years 6 months at 5% per annum
A. GHS 80.00
B. GHS 75.00
C. GHS 85.00
D. GHS 90.00

19. Computer spreadsheet cell that is highlighted with a heavy border is
A. Active cell
B. A cell containing a formula
C. Locked cell
D. Cell

20. Which of the following statements best describe the misuse of the knowledge of Science?
A. Construction of canals and dams for irrigation
B. Making of atomic bombs
C. Invention of farm machinery like tractors for farming
D. Invention of communication satellite

21. When starting word, the default document window name is…………………..
A. Document 1
B. File 1
C. WPD 1
D. Word 1

22. If log10 3 = a and log10 7 = b. find the value of log 1063
A. 2ab
B. 2(a + b)
C. a + b
D. 2a + 2b

23. A class of 6 scored an average of 63. One student’s paper was scored incorrectly, and on correction, the resulting grade was raised 18 points what is the corrected class average?
A. 73
B. 74
C. 92
D. 66
E. 81

24. Study the pattern analyzed in the coding given and answer the questions against it one word is coded according to a particular pattern and the candidates are asked to give the code letters for another word following the same pattern of coding in a certain coding system: TRAIN is written as GIZRM, how will you code FIGURE?

25. Search engines are used to…………………………………………
A. Search video
B. Search documents
C. Download Software
D. All of these

26. There are five houses in Satellite Rad, which belong to Mr. and Mrs. Donkoh, Miss Ofori, Mrs. Frimpong, Mr. Agyeman, and Mr. and Mrs. Boadu. The Boadus’ and Donkoh’s houses have green curtains. The other houses have white ones. The Donkohs and Mrs. Frimpong have their window painted the same color as their doors. Miss Ofori has black window frames. Mr. Agyeman and the Boadus’ have green ones. The doors of the houses are white apart from Miss Ofori’s and Mr. Agyeman’s which are black. Who has a house with white curtains, window frames, and a white door?
A. Mr. and Mrs. Donkoh
B. Mrs. Frimpong
C. Mr. and Mrs. Boadu
D. Miss Ofori
E. Mr. Agyeman

27. Which of the following is a derived unit?
A. Metre
B. Kilogram
C. Newton
D. Second

28. Ever since the invention of the gun, it has been changing the world in many different ways, Many of the developments in gun design have been brought about by mart’s desire to protect himself and the challenge of inventing bigger and more accurate weapons. Each time there has been a major innovation in the development of the gun, there has been a profound effect on the world. The gun helped in the exploration of the world has also helped in the development of society as we know it. Guns are the reason our society is the way it is today.
A. True
B. Cannot Say
C. False
D. None of the above
E. All of the above

29. Sally, Ama, Sylvia, Tom, and Eric receive postcards from friends who are holidaying abroad. Four of them get postcards from France. Ama and Tom do not get postcards from Germany as the others all do. Ama only gets a single card, which is from Italy. Only Sally and Eric did not get postcards from Italy. Who received a postcard from only Italy and France?

A. Sally
B. Ama
C. Sylvia
D. Eric
E. Tom

30. The newton is the unit for measuring
A. volume
B. mass
C. weight
D. area


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