Chuka University Hostel Portal

Chuka University Hostel Portal

Discover the Chuka University Hostel Booking Portal and login to book a Hostel. Chuka University offers convenient and comfortable hostel accommodation for its students. The hostel booking process allows students to secure their preferred accommodation on campus, ensuring a conducive living environment throughout their academic journey.

With various options available, students can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience while residing in the university’s hostels.

About the Chuka University Hostel Booking

The hostels are prestigious, with ultra-modern infrastructure that enhances residents’ safety, convenience, and comfort. The facilities include well-maintained Lifts, WIFI, kitchenettes with lockable cabinets, rooms with quality wardrobes and study tables, hot water shower, in-room TV antenna, Smart TVs, DSTV, and other indoor recreational facilities like pool tables, table tennis, darts for entertainment and sports.

We also prioritize students with special needs/ persons living with disabilities in the hostel booking process through the Dean of Students office. All our facilities are well maintained, drug-free zones, secure under 24-hour surveillance, and located in a serene environment conducive to learning and residence.

Students are hereby notified that online booking of rooms/hostel at Chuka University is online. To be eligible for booking, a student is required to pay 50% of the hostel fee.

The student will be expected to clear the remaining balance before the closing date.

How to Book a Hostel Online at Chuka University

Here are Chuka University students’ online booking of hostel procedures.

  1. Log in to the University Student’s Portal
  2. Confirm your Gender on the Dashboard.
  3. Click on “Hostel Booking”, and check available rooms and their charges.
  4. Click on “Personal Profile”
  5. Click on “Make Payment”
  6. Click on “Select service”
  7. Click the word ‘here’ displayed and type the phone number to make payment.
  8. Click ‘Initiate payment’
  9. Enter the Mpesa Pin on your phone as prompted and Press “OK”
  10. Click “Complete”

Chuka University Hostel Payment Procedure

Learn how to make Chuka University hostel booking payments through MPESA.

  1. Go to ‘Lipa na Mpesa’,
  2. Enter the Paybill Business Number 222222,
  3. Enter the Account Number and complete the payment.
  4. Select “Application for student hostel”

Put an amount that is not less than 50% of the rate of the hostel chosen on the space provided by the system. Note that you can opt to make full payment.

  1. Click on “Pay Now”
  2. You will receive an e-Citizen confirmation message on your phone.
  3. Click on the “Personal Profile” again.
  4. Proceed with a Hostel Reservation and book the space of your choice.
  5. Select payment mode, (i.e. Mpesa or Bank)

Students not registered for their academic unit courses can do so via the Chuka University Student Portal. The university E-Learning Portal is also accessible to students who registered for online courses. Government sponsorship opportunities such as HEF New Model and HELB loans are available to eligible students to apply.

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