Browse and download free GES syllabus for JHS in PDF

Browse and download free GES syllabus for JHS in PDF

Download free GES syllabus in pdf for Junior High Schools (JHS), Senior High Schools (SHS), and Technical Institutions under the Ghana Education Service (GES) as well as those who are under the National Vocational and Technical Institute (NVTI). You can also download the new GES (NaCCA) standard-based curriculum for basic schools and their weekly lesson plan.

Download Teacher Resource Pack for all Subject

Ghana Education Services – GES Curriculum and Syllabus for JHS

The management of has gone through a painstaking adventure in search of all the available resources. The resources, particularly, the downloadable GES syllabus in PDF have been compiled together on this platform for your convenience.

Common Core Programme (CCP)

Kindly take note that Common Core Programme (CCP) Curriculum start progressively in the 2021/2022 academic. Join the telegram platform below the page for more learning materials and updates.

  1. It is a three-year programme designed for JHS1- JHS3 learners.
  2. It is to equip learners with the requisite knowledge, skills, and competencies for academic progression and world of work
  3. The CCP starts progressively.

The New Common Core Programme (CCP) Manual- Free Download (Pdf)

In Ghana, GES (Ghana Education Service) has been signed to supervise the management of formal education from kindergarten (KG 1 & KG2), primary (upper and lower), Junior high school (JHS), and senior high schools (SHS). GES together with the ministry of education provides teaching and learning support materials. The prominent one is the provision of a website to freely download (GES) syllabus in PDF.

Download the New GES Curriculum & Syllabus

However, one of the most challenging aspects of getting the right GES syllabus for a particular subject or course of interest is the lack of proper structure and arrangement of the website. The original GES and Ministry of Education website where all the subject syllabus has been hosted is not properly indexed.

GES OLD Syllabus for JHS

Here, you can download the free GES syllabus for JHS in PDF. Select your preferred subject and download the corresponding syllabus in PDF.

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Integrated Science
  4. Social Studies
  5. R.M.E
  6. I.C.T
  7. Ghanaian Languages and Culture
  8. French
  9. Basic Design and Technology

At FLATPROFILE.COM you can browse and download all NaCCA and Ghana Education Services Curriculum and Syllabus for both Senior High School (SHS) and Junior High School as well as the National Vocational and Technical Institute (NVTI). You can connect with us via the comment section below or by joining our telegram platform below.