UNEB Sample Papers for Competency Based Assessment under the New Curriculum

UNEB Sample Papers for Competency Based Assessment under the New Curriculum

Explore the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Sample papers for Competency Based Assessment (CBA) under the New Curriculum.

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has released the sample papers for the UCE End of Cycle Competency Based Assessment under the New Lower Secondary School Curriculum (NLSC). The purpose is to expose both teachers and learners to the question format of Competency Based Assessment (CBA). Each sample paper has a corresponding scoring guide.

The sample papers can now be accessed (PDF) via the UNEB portal by all UNEB Examination Centres. UNEB will distribute hard-copy booklets to schools without Centre Numbers.

Access: Uganda School Calendar

UNEB Competency-Based Assessment Subjects

Subjects covered by the Sample papers:

The sample papers cover thirty-six subjects (36) in the categories of Humanities, Sciences, Vocational, and Languages as indicated below.




SubjectsHistory, Geography, Christian Religious Education/Islamic Religious Education (CRE/IRE).Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and General Science for the blind.Agriculture, ICT, Technology and Design, Art and Design, Performing Arts, Nutrition and Food Technology, Physical Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Subjects under the Language Category

Foreign LanguagesArabic, German, French, Latin, and Chinese.
Official LanguagesEnglish and Kiswahili
Local LanguagesLuganda, Lusoga, Lumasaba, Runyoro-Rutoro, Runyankore-Rukiga, Dhopadhola, Ateso, Leb-Lango, Leb-Acoli, Lugbarati and Ugandan Sign Language.

UNEB calls upon teachers to familiarise themselves with the sample papers, guide the learners, and come up with similar or related scenarios and questions to expose the learners to a variety of test items.

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