Boland College Application Status

Boland College Application Status

Applicants who have applied to study at Boland College can now check their Application Status online. Applicants who are yet to apply for Boland College Admission should follow these comprehensive steps to apply online.

We have created an online application glossary just for you. Read through it carefully to understand your application status. Applicants can check Boland College’s admission status on their profile.

Boland College Application Status and Their Meaning

Let’s explain your Boland College Application Status.

  • Pending: You meet programme requirements but are out of our college footprint. As per the Government Notice of 2019 (Pg 12, point 36) TVET College should prioritise students within their footprints first.
  • Pending Verification: All students will fall under this category – the user must confirm if all the relevant documentation is in order to qualify as per DHET procedures and processes.
  • International Desk/ Selection and Placement Committee: This step is necessary to assess your application. After the assessment, you will receive an e-mail and SMS from the portal to explain the outcome of the assessment of your application.
  • Book Assessment: A Student Supporter will contact you to set up a date and time to come to the College to complete your assessment.
  • Pending Review: If you meet the programme requirements and completed your assessment at a previous date your applications will be moved to the academic staff for final approval.
  • Pre-Enrolled: Applicant has accepted an offer to register.
  • Provisionally Accepted: Applicant has been accepted provisionally.
  • Registered: The student has been registered.
  • Canceled: You do not meet the minimum entry requirements for the course you applied for.
  • Unsuccessful: The application was not successful. Please contact the Campus for feedback.
  • Waiting List: The application has been placed on a waiting list by the system or PM/PL.

Outstanding Documents: Documents are outstanding readable or illegible.

Required Documents (RSA): (Certified copies must not be older than 3 months)

  • Certified Copy of ID;
  • Certified Copy of highest results;
  • Certified Proof of residence;

How to Check Boland College Application Status

How do you know you have been admitted to Boland College? Follow this step to check your admission status online.

  1. Access
  2. Enter your ID Number (if you have a valid RSA ID Document) or Passport Number (if you are a foreign student)
  3. Tap on Continue to proceed

If you still have questions or are unsure about your application status please contact the campus you applied to directly as the social media team does not have access to any student information.

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