WESCO Admission List

WESCO Admission List

Discover the Wesley College of Education – WESCO Admission List and login in via admissionsghana.com to access your admission status. Being included in the admission list signifies that the candidate has met the necessary requirements and has been deemed eligible for enrollment.

About the Wesley College of Education Admission List

The Wesley College of Education admission list is a significant document that contains the names of individuals who have been granted admission to the institution. It is the official announcement of acceptance into the college and serves as a notification to successful applicants.

Candidates willing to apply for admission should learn about WESCO courses and apply via the AWESCO Online Admission Portal.

The college’s admission committee meticulously compiles the admission list, carefully assessing each applicant’s qualifications and suitability for the program. Inclusion in the admission list demonstrates that the candidate has fulfilled the necessary requirements and is eligible for enrollment. For those who find their names on the list, it marks the beginning of an exciting educational journey at Wesley College of Education.

How to Check the WESCO Admission List

Follow the steps below to access and check your name on the Wesley College of Education admission list and print the letter.

  1. Visit Admission Ghana via https://admissionsghana.com
  2. Locate and Tap on College of Education
  3. Select the academic year (i.e.,2024/2025)
  4. Select a school (e.g., Wesley College of Education)
  5. Tap on Check
  6. Type in your Application Number in the text box
  7. Tap on the Search button to Proceed
  8. Resend Code
  9. Type the exact telephone number you used when you first applied online (DO NOT CHANGE THE TELEPHONE NUMBER)
  10. A correct telephone number entered will indicate [√] with a new PIN code generated.
  11. A wrong telephone number entered [×] error Proceed
  12. Type in your Application Number and the PIN in the spaces provided.
  13. Sign in to access your admission letter.

Wesley College of Education Contact Details

Address: P. O. Box 1927, Kumasi, Ghana

Tel: +233241042279, Tel: +233241041610

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