MyUGA Portal

MyUGA Portal

Explore the University of Georgia – MyUGA Portal via and get instant access to UGA online services. Discover helpful links to UGA eLC, UGA Athena, UGAMail, and login with your credentials.

MyUGA Portal

The MyUGA portal is a single web location (or address) that provides access to the web-based services and information most important to the University of Georgia – UGA Faculty, Staff, and Students. As a gateway to web access, the portal is a self-managed, personalized, and customized information environment. MyUGA ties together useful UGA websites and services in one location. MyUGA also provides information about current events and news at UGA. The MyUGA Portal requires a MyID to use its resources.

How to Access MyUGA Portal

Students with UGA MyID may access the Portal at the UGA Enterprise Information Technology Services.

  1. Visit the University of Georgia – UGA Website via
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page
  3. Select MyUGA
  4. Tap to access MyUGA Portal here with the following account:

UGAMail & Office 360

Per University of Georgia policy, every student is required to have an email address to which official University communications can be sent. It has been determined that, in the best interest of effective communications management, this address must reside on the University-maintained UGAMail email system.

Whenever a student creates a MyID, an UGAMail email account is automatically created. Some students may elect to forward their email to an address different from their official UGAMail account. Any student who elects to forward UGAMail email to a different email address assumes full responsibility for reading email at the forwarded location.

Students are expected to check their University email account or the account to which their University email is forwarded, at least once a week.

How to Access the UGAMAIL

To login UGAMAIL, here are the steps to follow;

  1. Visit the University of Georgia – UGA EITS Website via
  2. Locate the Navigation tab
  3. Select Log in UGAMail
  4. Proceed to
  5. Tap on Login to UGAMail
  6. Sign in to your Microsoft Outlook account
  7. Tap Next

Useful Links

UGA Athena Login


MyUGA Portal Help

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