UGA Athena Login

UGA Athena Login

Discover the University of Georgia – UGA Athena Student Account homepage via and login with your Username and Password. Besides, UGA Students can register for classes, view registration holds, view test scores, update addresses and contact as well as see schedules.

UGA Athena Student Account

The University of Georgia – UGA Athena Student Portal is an online platform designed for UGA both Students and Staff some key features and functionalities are related to Registration and Enrollment Verification, student photos on class rosters for faculty, and a new Advising Student Profile that provides an individualized view of a student’s academic information, Financial Aid Award Offer and Requirements, Office of the Student Financial Aids (OSFA) Website.

Per University of Georgia policy, every student is required to have an email address to which official University communications can be sent. Discover helpful links to MyUGA Portal, UGA eLC, UGA Athena, UGAMail, and login with your credentials.

How to Access the UGA Athena Login Homepage

  1. Visit the UGA Official Website via:
  2. Navigate down to the bottom of the page
  3. Locate myUGA
  4. Tap to access the MyUGA Portal
  5. Select Athena icon

How to Login UGA Athena Student Portal

  1. Access Athena Student Account Portal
  2. Navigate and Tap Login to Athena
  3. Enter your MyID (Username) and Password
  4. Tap Login

To log out, tap the portrait in the upper right corner next to the name and Sign Out.

Athena Student Online Registration of Courses

To register for courses and the University of Georgia, Students are encouraged to read through the registration guidelines, proceed to access Athena, and begin registration.

  1. Access the registration portal via Athena Homepage
  2. Navigate and Tap Login to Athena
  3. Enter your MyID (Username) and Password
  4. Tap Login

Student Enrollment and Verification

The University of Georgia contracts with the National Student Clearinghouse to serve as the University’s authorized certifying school official for providing enrollment and degree verification for loan deferral purposes, credit card companies, and credit approval agencies. There is no charge for this service.

Students may also request an enrollment verification in the following ways:

  1. Login to Athena:
  2. Tap on the Student tab, then “Student Records,” then “Request for Enrollment Verification.”
  3. Complete and submit the form.

Explore eLC UGA

Students may also send a written and signed request to the Office of the Registrar via either USPS or fax.

Please include name, date of birth, local address, other necessary items needed for verification, and a recipient address. Besides, the Office of the Registrar is unable to process requests that do not contain a signature.

Mail requests to:

Office of the Registrar
University of Georgia
Holmes/Hunter Academic Bldg
Athens, GA 30602-6113

Fax requests to 706-583-0319.

Students may also visit the Office of the Registrar in person with a photo ID to make a request. Please note that requests made in person may take up to two business days to process during specific times during the academic year.