Access the Zambia MTN SIM Registration Portal via and learn how to re-register and update your MTN KYC online. Find how to check and confirm your SIM registration details online.

About ZICTA SIM Card Update and KYC Registration

As a signatory to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) through the Ministry of Technology and Science and Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), Zambia continues to remain in tandem with international and regional developments aimed at ensuring inclusive and sustainable national digital transformation.

This underscores the reason ZICTA issued SIM Card registration directives to Mobile Network Operators with the view of reinforcing security in the ICT sector as well as promoting compliance with Statutory Instrument Number 65 of 2011. Among other requirements outlined in the issued directives was the need for Mobile Network Operators to adhere to the SI during SIM card registration and replacement.

This included requirements related to the capturing of live facial images and approved identification requirements. Through these directives, Mobile Network Operators are to ensure that all new SIM card registrations and replacements contain a live facial image as well as the appropriate and approved identification.

SIM Registration Requirement in Zambia

Below are the requirements for SIM Registration

Prepaid Customer

CategoryDocument Type Required
Zambian NationalsNational Registration Card/Passport
ForeignersPassport or Alien ID
RefugeesRefugee Certificate
Government InstitutionsOfficial Letter with individual’s National Registration Card to be used for registration

Postpaid Customer

  • Certificate of Incorporation or Registration
  • Copy of TPIN Certificate
  • An application for services required on company letterhead
  • Latest 3 months’ certified bank statements
  • 2 years of Audited Financial Statements
  • Schedule of Director/Trustees
  • Contact and email address for a finance representative to be contacted for bill payments
  • Utility Bill
  • Signed CRB (to be shared by MTN)
  • Signed Contract (to be shared by MTN)
  • Signed declaration form for SIM Registration (to be shared by MTN)
  • A valid ID of a signatory to the contract
  • Live facial photograph of the account custodian

How to Register Your MTN SIM Card Online in Zambia

Here’s how to access and login to update and re-register your KYC MTN SIM online ( by yourself in Zambia

  1. Access Zambia MTN SIM Registration Portal
  2. Enter your Phone Number
  3. Tap on the Request Code
  4. Input the Code and NRC details
  5. Enter your Personal details
  6. Upload pictures of your ID
  7. Enter your Physical address (province, street, town and house address)
  8. Capture a live facial image of yourself
  9. Submit and Proceed to complete the registration

It takes within 24hrs for the details to be successfully updated once submitted. For Airtel users, Access KYC SIM Registration Portal.

How to Check if Your MTN Number is Correctly Registered

  • To check and confirm your MTN SIM registration details, dial the short code *101#

How to Become an MTN Agent in Zambia

To acquire an MTN agent line and become an agent, one must meet the following requirements below:

  • PACRA Certificate
  • Trading license
  • Council -Copy of ID
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Minimum capital amount of ZMW 5000
  • 2 Copies of Mobile Money agency contracts
  • 1 filled-in KYC form (MTN)
  • 1 filled-in account handler form + 10 questions

If you have the required documents, please visit any MTN service center for further assistance in completing the process of becoming an agent. Thank you for Trusting Zambia’s No.1 Network. MTN-NB.