List of MTN Short Codes in South Africa

List of MTN Short Codes in South Africa

Explore the list of all MTN Self Service SMS Short Codes in South Africa. Use the USSD code to find information and request services quickly, manage your account, claim prizes, recharge and sign up for subscriptions.

MTN SMS South African Short Codes

The most commonly used codes in South Africa are:

Main menu

Browse all USSD services.

  • *130*0#

Check your MTN balance

  • *136#

Detailed balance inquiries

  • *136*1#


  • *121*number#

Buy voice, SMS, data, and promotional bundles

  • *136*2#

Eazi Recharge

Recharge your balances using a debit or credit card.

  • *136*10#

Call diverting

Divert unanswered calls to another number.

  • **61*the number diverting to #

Subscription: R9,99 per month

Call diverting cancellation

Cancel all call diversions.

  • ##61#

Subscription: R9,99 per month

Stop a data bundle purchase

Cancel your data purchase.

  • *136*5#

Find your IMEI number

Display your device’s IMEI number onscreen.

  • *#06#

International calling rates

Know what you’ll be paying before you make a cross-border call.

  • *135*2#

International voicemail retrieval

Listen to voicemails while abroad.

  • *135#

Manage subscriptions

Oversee all your bundles and subscriptions.

  • *136*5#

Directory inquiries

Ask for a listed person or business’ contact number or have that number automatically dialed with Call Connect.

  • *200#

Cost: R2 per successful request


Buy or transfer airtime, SMSs, or data.

  • *136*3#


Recharge another MTN number using a Prepaid voucher.

  • *141*(voucher number)*(cellphone number to be recharged

Then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the recharge.

Prepaid data roaming

Set up the ability to use your device while traveling.

  • *135#

Check your prepaid roaming balance

  • *141#

View prepaid roaming rates

  • *111*1#


Make a reverse-billed call when you don’t have any airtime or data available. The person you’re calling will be charged 99c per minute for the duration of the call.

  • *127*(number)#

Device setup

Get all the phone and network settings you need sent to your device.

  • *123#

Compare price plans – Migration

Compare and change price plans.

  • *136*4#

Recharge via Absa

Pay for recharges using an Absa account.

  • *120*2272#

Recharge via Capitec

Pay for recharges using a Capitec account.

  • *120*3279#

Recharge via FNB

Pay for recharges using an FNB account.

  • *120*321#

Recharge via Nedbank

Pay for recharges using a Nedbank account.

  • *120*001#

Recharge via Standard Bank

Pay for recharges using a Standard Bank account.

  • *120*2345#

Cancel an SMS bundle purchase

Select the ‘Manage Bundles’ option to cancel SMS bundles.

  • *136*5#

SMS Roaming

Receive and reply to SMS messages while you roam internationally.

  • *135*14#

Unblock your cellphone

Reactivate your account.

  • **05*PUK number*New PIN code* then repeat new PIN code#

MyMTN YelloBucks

Activate your YelloBucks account, get free prizes in the daily Play&Win and spend your YelloBucks.



Register for an account, manage your MoMo money and send or receive cash.

For MTN customers:  xtratime

  • *151*1#

For non-MTN customers

  • *120*151#

Missed call notifications

Access your voicemail menu.

  • *100#

International Roaming

  • *111#

COVID-19 support materials and information

  • *120#


Send a request asking someone to call you.

  • *121#

Play menu

  • *123#

Betal Labs

  • *124#

SIM Swap

Swap your old SIM card for a new SIM card.

  • *126*7927#


ask the person you’re about to call to pay for the phone call

  • *127#


  • *132#


Register your new SIM card through the RICA process to activate it.

  • *131#

Personalized offers

  • *142#

Personalized social bundle deals

  • *143#


  • *144#

Financial services

  • *151#

See CACH Registration Code

Digital subscriptions

  • *155#

Scratch & Win

  • *156#

Self-help menu for contract customers

Find answers to any questions you may have about your contract.

  • *162#

Self-help menu for Prepaid customers

Get all the help you need to manage your Prepaid account.

  • *173#


Browse all the available Zone deals.

  • *175#


Browse all the Pulse bundle offers

  • *411#


Apply for an airtime advance and only pay for it on your next recharge.

  • *151*2#

Account settings

  • *136*5#

Ask someone to send you airtime, data, or SMS bundles.

  • *136*3#