MTCE Admission List

MTCE Admission List

The Management of Mampong Technical College of Education, MTCE announces for the general public the release of Mampong Technical College of Education, MTCE Admission List of students shortlisted for admission for the Academic year. Admission offers have been provided via SMS to the phone numbers provided during the application process. Explore the COE Admission Portal.

Mampong Technical College of Education, MTCE Admission List

All successful applicants can follow these simple guidelines to print the admission letter using the PIN and Serial Number received through the SMS admission notice. Did your name appear on the admission list but you did not receive an admission notice?

How to Check the MTCE Admission List

  1. Explore the admissionsghana website
  2. Select your education category (College of Education)
  3. Select your Academic year
  4. Select Mampong Technical College of Education
  5. Click on the check button to proceed
  6. Type in your application number
  7. Click on the search button to proceed
  8. Resend Code
  9. Type the exact telephone number you used when you first applied online (DO NOT CHANGE THE TELEPHONE NUMBER)
  10. A correct telephone number entered will indicate [√] with a new PIN code generated.
  11. A wrong telephone number entered [×] error.
  12. Proceed
  13. Type in your Application Number and the PIN in the spaces provided.
  14. Sign in to access your admission letter.


All successful candidates will receive a text message containing instructions on the payment of fees and the procedure for registration

Mampong Technical College of Education, MTCE Contact Details

Mampong – Ashanti Region

Google Map: 3J55+7G Mampong

E-Mail: [email protected] & [email protected]

050 138 9354

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