NTSA Application Motor Vehicle Transfer

NTSA Application Motor Vehicle Transfer

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Application for Alternative/Forced Transfer is now available on the E-Citizen account portal.

A Motor Vehicle shall be transferred through an alternative transfer process under the following circumstances: Court Order Auctions, Bank Repossession Auctions, Succession Cases, Transfer by Court Order(dispute cases), Owner cannot be traced, Police/ Uncollected Property Auctions, Distress for Rent Auctions and Diplomat to Embassy Transfer.

Requirements for Forced Transfer Owner Cannot Be Traced

The following documentation is required to facilitate Alternative/Forced transfer Owner cannot be traced.

  • A copy of the ID or Certificate of Incorporation of the registered owner and new owner
  • Sworn affidavit by the applicant
  • Tape lift from DCI
  • Seller agreement with signed Form C duly filled by the registered owner
  • Official letter for request of transfer
  • Original Logbook or Police Abstract
  • KRA PIN Certificate of the registered and the new owner
  • Court Order


Log in to your E-Citizen account to make the application.

NTSA Application for Alternative/Forced Transfer

Process of application for alternative/forced transfer; the owner cannot be traced.

  1. Log into your E-Citizen account
  2. Select NTSA Service Portal (New)
  3. Go to Services
  4. Select Alternative/Forced Transfer
  5. Fill in the required information
  6. Select the type of alternative transfer
  7. Attach original clear coloured scanned documents combined as a single PDF file
  8. Indicate the collection centre and the ID number of the authorized person to collect the logbook
  9. Tap on Submit
  10. Make payments for the transfer application and inspection services
  11. Wait for the 7-day standstill period for process verification.
  12. Log in to your account and view the inspection booking prompt under notifications.
  13. Select the preferred centre and date
  14. Present the vehicle for inspection
  15. Present the original documents to the identified logbook collection centre
  16. Upon approval, a notification shall be sent to the new owner


  • Depends on CC rating and inspection fee


  • Logbook: 3 working days
  • Inspection: As scheduled

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