UCR Academic Calendar

UCR Academic Calendar

Access the latest University of California, Riverside – UCR academic calendar and download the full PDF via the UCR student canvas portal. Here, UCR students find important dates and events such as first day of class, registration, payment and disbursement, last day to (deadline), graduations, holidays as well as date for final grades.

Check out our comprehensive guide on how to access, download PDF and view UCR academic calendar online.

How to Access UCR Academic Calendar Online

To access and download or view the University of California, Riverside academic calendar, here’s a simple step to follow.

  1. Go to UCR Website
  2. Navigate to Academic tab
  3. Tap on the Academic Overview from the menu
  4. Scroll down the home page
  5. Under Additional Information,  follow link to academic calendar

Download UCR Calendar PDF

The UCR Calendar specifies dates and deadlines for each quarter of the current semester and year.