NEIP Ghana Application Online Form

NEIP Ghana Application Online Form

Explore NEIP Ghana Portal via the website: to access the NEIP Application form and Apply for the NEIP Government of Ghana initiative fund.

About NEIP Ghana

The National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme (NEIP) is a flagship policy initiative of the Government of Ghana.

Its primary objective is to provide integrated national YouStart support for start-ups and small businesses. NEIP primarily focuses on providing business development services; startup incubators and funding for young businesses to enable them to grow and become successful.

The National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP) is therefore set within the context of Ghana’s long-term strategic vision of consolidating its middle-income status, building an industry-driven economy capable of providing decent jobs that are suitable and sustainable for development.

How to Apply for NEIP

  1. Visit NEIP Recruitment Portal via:
  2. Navigate to the right corner of the website home page
  3. Tap Apply Now
  4. Complete the NEIP Online Application form
  5. Fill in all fields required *
  6. Preview and Submit

NEIP Application Form 2021/2022

An application portal has been launched on the website ( and the social media platforms of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme – NEIP.

The application is open from the 11th of January to the 5th of February 2022 for prospective applicants to apply. The applicants will be taken through training for one month, shortlisted applicants will be funded after the training.


This phase will solicit application from the following sectors under Agric Business.

  • Vegetable Framing
  • Maize Farming
  • Poultry
  • Livestock (Piggery)
  • Yam/Cassava (Tubers)
  • Agro-Processing
  • Agri-Tech (Agricultural Technology)

The Ghana CARES (Obaatan Pa) programme is an unprecedented, bold and audacious GHȻ100 billion post-COVID programme to stabilize, revitalize and transform Ghana’s economy to create jobs and prosperity for Ghanaians over three years. It is sequenced in two phases: a Stabilization Phase that is running from July to the end of the year (2020); and a medium-term Revitalization Phase from 2021- 2022- 2023.

Contact NEIP Ghana

You can reach us via any of the below contact options:


Nii Amarh Olennu Street, 4th Circular Street, Cantonments, Accra

Our Digital Address is: GL-043-5732


+233 (0)29-900-3840 | +233 (0)29-900-3842 | +233 (0)29-900-3843


[email protected]