LASRRA Online Registration

LASRRA Online Registration

The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency LASRRA Online Registration is a portal to register all residents of Lagos State, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliations, or nationality.

Lagos State Residents Registration Agency, LASRRA Online Registration

A unique reference number is generated online which the applicant takes to their nearest LASRRA registration point or office for their bio-metric information to be captured. Save time today by registering online.

Benefits of LASRRA Registration

  • Identifies the number and placement of hospitals, schools, libraries, and books needed in the State and the number of teachers, doctors, and nurses required to meet the populace’s needs.
  • Ensures that the Agricultural Strategies of the Lagos State Government meet the needs and demands of the residents of the State.
  • Facilitates better traffic management, when the numbers of potential commuters are known and helps determine the most appropriate transportation system suitable for different parts of the State – such as rail, buses, cars, and ferries.
  • Enables the State Government to classify neighborhoods within the State and determine the population thresholds for certain facilities and utilities provided by the State. It also helps analyze and identify areas for urban regeneration and actions to be taken.
  • Enables the Ministry of Health to assess the different health needs of different parts of the State.

How to Access the LASRRA Online Registration Portal

  1. Explore the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency, LASRRA main website
  2. Locate and click on “how to register” on the top menu list to proceed
  3. Scroll down to click on the “starts your online registration here” button to proceed

How to Register for LASRRA Online

  1. Access the LASRRA Online Registration Portal
  2. Click on the start registration button to proceed
  3. Fill in all required details
  4. Click on the next button to proceed
  5. You can go back to review previously filled sections by clicking on the back button or by clicking on the section tabs on the left side of the page
  6. If you are not sure of, do not have, or do not know what to fill in any of the fields, you can save what you have done so far, then confirm the required information and return to the website to continue the Online Registration. To save the information you have entered, click on the button labeled Save For Later on the registration form. To continue a saved registration click on the link labeled Retrieve Saved Registration
  7. After filling in the information you will be required to review the information you have entered before submitting
  8. Print the confirmation page by clicking on the button labeled Print or by using your browser’s print function. You are required to bring the printed confirmation page with you when you go to complete your registration at any of the registration centers nearest to you.

Submitting your registration online is the first step of your registration. The next step is to go to the closest registration centre to complete the registration by capturing your picture, fingerprints, and signature. You can complete the registration at any registration centre. Click here to find the nearest registration centre to you

How to Retrieve Your LASRRA Registration

  1. Access the LASRRA Online Registration Portal
  2. Locate and click on the “Retrieve Registration” button to proceed
  3. Type your phone number, select “test question” and answer it.
  4. Click on the retrieve registration button to proceed

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