Ghana Police Service Enlistment and Recruitment Stages in Ghana

Ghana Police Service Enlistment and Recruitment Stages in Ghana

Browse and find out Ghana Police Service Enlistment and recruitment stages in Ghana, to join the Ghana Police Service, here is all step by step guides Applicant must follow:

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Ghana Police Service Online Registration Procedures

A. read through the entry requirements thoroughly;

B. have your official name, date of birth, height, active email address and mobile phone number handy;

C. have your passport sized photograph of dimension (200 x 180 pixels) in JPEG/JPG format with size not exceeding 2.0 MB ready to be uploaded;

D. Mode of payment for application will be by the use of both Mobile Money transfer and purchase of voucher at GCB Bank or G – Money.

E. The purchased Voucher contains a Serial Number and a Code (PIN) which is uniquely assigned to the Applicant. The Serial Number and PIN are the only means of accessing the online Application Form. Keep the Voucher safely as it would be required in further activities of the application process, even after an Applicant has been successful in the initial stages.

F. Having purchased a Voucher, the Applicant should log on to the online recruitment portal at with these recommended browsers;
(1) Mozilla Firefox
(2) Google Chrome or
(3) Internet Explorer.

A page will open, which will require the applicant to confirm a voucher number or sign in.

G. Click on confirm voucher, a new page will open, which will require you to answer a few questions leading to the creation of account. This is how to create an account:

i. Enter the email address on the purchased Voucher;

ii. Pick or choose any password which will be known to you alone and which you can remember;

iii. Confirm the password; and

iv. Verify the Voucher purchased by entering the Serial Number and PIN Number.

H. Continue the process by following the prompts and entering or uploading the required or necessary data including:

i. personal information;
ii. preferred screening centre;
iii. Preferred category;
iv. Educational background including JHS/JSS Information (mandatory) etc;
v. passport sized photograph;
vi. Note that the data fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory and one must provide data in those fields;
vii. Click on SUBMIT button to progress to the next step until the entries are completed.

I. Applicant should ensure that all information submitted is accurate.

  • Review your information on the summary page by reading through the summary page carefully.
  • Click on the EDIT button if there are any changes to be made.
  • You may also SAVE your entries by clicking on the SUBMIT button.
  • If you want to return to the page later to edit or continue with the entries, click on the LOG OUT button.
  • When all entries are done, you submit your application by clicking on the “GENERATE YOUR DECISION” button to complete the first stage of the application process.

J. Once the “GENERATE YOUR DECISION” button is clicked, you cannot make any changes to the Application Form.

  • The decision on the Application will show on the screen either as ‘QUALIFIED’ for an Applicant who has qualified for the next stage of the application process or ‘NOT QUALIFIED’ for an Applicant who has been disqualified. The reason(s) for disqualification will be displayed on the page.
  • Print and keep a copy of the generated report as you will be required to present it at the next stage of physical screening. An instant message will be sent to you via e-mail and text message, which reveals a tracking number for qualified Applicants.

K. You should wait until you hear from the Ghana Police Service. Do not call the Police or visit any office of the Ghana Police Service regarding your application. However, you can track your application by following this process:

i. Visit the tracking website at
ii. Enter your Tracking Number/Phone Number and SUBMIT.
iii. Details of the stage of your application would be displayed.

L. An Applicant can also make enquiries about his/her application by the following process:
i. Visit the web page
ii. Enter the required fields and SUBMIT.
iii. You will receive an issue tracking code, which can be used to track your issue until it is resolved.

M. A ‘NOT QUALIFIED’ Applicant can re-apply under a different category which he/she may qualify for. This can be done by purchasing another Voucher.

An Applicant who purchases multiple vouchers is advised to use the same email address and details used in purchasing the earlier voucher since these details would not change. Thereafter, follow this process;

i. the new Voucher will provide a new Serial Number and PIN;
ii. Log onto the online recruitment portal as usual and access your existing account;
iii. You would be sent directly to the CHOOSE CATEGORY page, from where you can select the newly preferred category and enter the required fields;
iv. Continue the process as you did in the previous application;

N. Retrieve password: An Applicant who loses his /her password can retrieve it by visiting the sign in page and following the prompts.

O. Also all Applicants who have completed the Online Application Form can have access to their decision page throughout the exercise, by revisiting the page.

P. CLOSING DATE: Closing date for submission of all online applications is 2 weeks after it has been opened.

Stages of the Enlistment Process

A. Online Application which will promptly tell Applicants who qualify for the next stage that they have so qualified;

B. This will be followed by body selection and physical screening of all relevant documents including birth certificate, academic certificates and transcripts. Applicants who qualify from this stage to the next shall be notified at the screening centre;

C. Successful Applicants shall be scheduled for written examination (for Applicants who applied as General Duty and Tradesmen) and aptitude test (for Applicants who applied as Graduates and Professionals). Applicants who become successful and qualify for the next stage shall be notified.

D. Applicants who applied as Graduates and Professionals and pass the written examination or aptitude test will be invited to attend an interview.

E. Successful applicants shall undergo medical examination and thorough background checks. Vetting of certificates shall be conducted throughout the process and may continue even while they are at training.

F. An Applicant who successfully goes through all the stages above and would not have had any undesirable background/criminal record discovered at this stage would be invited to commence Training.

G. After going through the required practical attachment and the stages of ranks as prescribed by the existing Police Policy Guideline (PPG) for Graduate entrants, such graduate and professional entrants will gain direct entry into the Police Academy.

Ghana Police Service Enlistment and recruitment stages – 2021. What you need to know

A. All communication with Applicants will be via email, SMS and publication on the e-Recruitment portal. There will be no telephone calls.

B. Transportation/Feeding/Accommodation: Applicants are responsible for their own transportation, feeding and accommodation throughout the recruitment exercise. They are therefore advised to choose Screening Centres wisely. Applicants will also write Ghana Police Service Aptitude Test.

C. Cost: Applicants will bear the cost associated with the application process, including the cost of vetting and medical examination.

D. The Ghana Police Service is an equal opportunity employer. Note that there are no middlemen in the recruitment process and the advertised vacancies are not for sale. Any person found parading as an agent or middleman or pays/receives money to act as such is liable for arrest and prosecution; persons who deal with such people do so at their own risk.

E. Applicants who present false/fake documents are also liable for arrest and prosecution.

F. Affidavit/documentation for change of date of birth shall not be accepted.

G. Only shortlisted Applicants will be invited for further application processes.


Source: Ghana Police e-Recruitment Portal