TSC Payslip

TSC Payslip

Explore the Teachers Service Commission – TSC Payslip via https://tpay.tsc.go.ke. The Tpay TSC Payslip Online Portal enables teachers to access, view, download and print their current monthly payslips online using TSC Number and Password.

How to Register for TSC Payslip

Teachers are to note that the registration for the TSC payslip is now manual, therefore teachers are encouraged to visit the office along with the original National ID card for validation.

How to Access the TSC Payslip Online Portal

  1. Visit the Teachers Service Commission – TSC Website via https://www.tsc.go.ke/
  2. Navigate to Online Service
  3. Tap on T-Pay from the Pop-up list
  4. Enter your login credentials on the Tpay payslip homepage

How to Login to Tpay TSC Payslip Online Portal

Here is the quick way to login Tpay Portal to view, download, and print your TSC Online Payslip.

  1. Browse T-Pay Portal
  2. Enter your TSC Number and Password
  3. Answer the Security Stamp Question (Enter valid arithmetic operation)
  4. Tap Login

View, Download, and Print Payslip

  1. Access your T-Pay Dashboard
  2. Tap on Latest Payslip to view the current month
  3. Select Months Tab on top of the page to view the previous month
  4. Tap View Payslip
  5. Tap the Print Tab to save the file as a PDF or Download.

How to Reset T-Pay Online Portal Password

Try to remember the secret question and reset your password by clicking forgot password on the login page.

To reset your password here is the step to follow

  1. Visit the link: I forgot the password
  2. Enter TSC Number
  3. Complete the form with your detail
  4. Provide a valid email address
  5. Tap Reset Password Button
  6. Reset procedures will be sent via your email

Featured Links and Navigations on Tpay Payslip Portal

Teachers can access the following links on the Teachers Commission Service (TSC) of Kenya online T-Pay Portal.

  • View, Download and Print your current Monthly Payslip
  • Send your payslips to (Banks and SACCOs) financial institutions
  • View third party transactions
  • Change your login password

Useful Links

TSC TMIS Teachers Online Portal

TPay Online Payslip Portal

GHRIS Payslip | GoK Portal

Contact TSC

Teachers Service Commission – Kenya

Kilimanjaro Avenue, Upper Hill

020 289 2000

0722 208 552

0777 208 552