KAFU Student Portal

KAFU Student Portal

Discover the Kaimosi Friends University – KAFU Student Portal via portal.kafu.ac.ke and login to report for the session, check fee status, register for course units, and check semester exam results. By registering for your academic departments, students are informing the University that they have reported and shall be available for the semester. Registration must be done every semester.

Course Units Registration at KAFU

Here are the step-by-step procedures to register your unit courses at Kaimosi Friends University (KAFU).

  1. Report to desk for Verification of documents
  2. Submit two photocopies of these documents to the registration staff for scrutiny.
  • Original letter of admission
  • Original or certified copies of K.C.S.E Result slip or Certificate
  • Original National I.D. Card/Birth certificate
  1. Attach Passport Size Photo
  2. Submit two copies of the “Students personal details form” (KAFU/F/501/001)
  3. Confirmation of any payment made
  4. Registration and reporting of students in the ERP system
  5. Provision of Email and Password for access to the KAFU student portal
  6. Submit a copy of KAFU/F/501/001 to the Dean of Student Affairs staff
  7. Visit the University Clinic for Submission of the Medical Examination Form
  8. Confirmation of booking of University Hostel and room allocation or Private Hostel Booking a hostel room at the Private Hostel Desk
  9. Capture of Students’ Personal data for SMART cards
  10. Submission of Consent form and Signing of Nominal Roll

The student undertakes online registration for courses unit to be offered for the semester via the KAFU Student Portal.

How to Access the KAFU Student Portal

Follow these step-by-step guides to access and log in to the Kaimosi Friends University student portal.

  1. Go to KAFU Website 
  2. Tap on Student Portal on the navigation tab
  3. Sign up for Student Account Registration
  4. Select Role as Student
  5. Fill out all required field

How to Login to KAFU Student Portal

Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to login and register for a course unit at Kaimosi Friends University.

  1. Access KAFU Student Portal
  2. Login with your Student Registration Number and Password
  3. Tap on Sign In
  4. Navigate to Course Registration
  5. Select all Units
  6. Tap to Submit

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