Ghana Statistical Service invites catering service providers

Ghana Statistical Service invites catering service providers


The Ghana 2021 Population and Housing Census if conducted will provides an updated statistical data for planning, budgeting, and effective policy decision-making to ensure national development. Therefore, the Population and Housing Census will provide information at the locality, district, regional and national levels. Also, the Census information would also be useful for business, media, academia, research institutions, and international organizations as the basis for informed decision-making for better outcomes.

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Therefore, in June/ July 2021, Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) will conduct a Population and Housing Census (PHC). Because of this, series of activities including demarcation of the country into enumeration areas and Trial Censuses in preparations for the Ghana 2021 Census was conducted.

  1. The Ghana Statistical Service invites sealed quotations from eligible catering service providers to provide Breakfast, Snack, Lunch and three (3) bottles of 750ml mineral water (See Table 2: Schedule of Requirements for details) for participants during the training of field personnel in the districts mentioned in Table 1 below for the 2021 Population and Housing Census (2021 PHC).
  1. The training will be done concurrently in all districts across the Country for a period of ten (10) days and expected to take place between 31st May, 2021 to 9th June, 2021.
  1. Applications are expected from caterers in the regions/districts identified in the table below.

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Date of Invitation:  21ST APRIL, 2021
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