Private schools to start employing licence teachers

Private schools to start employing licence teachers

Ghana National Council of Private Schools-GNACOPS

In a press released, the Ghana National Council of Private Schools-GNACOPS states that, the general public and all media houses should disregard any information asking Private Schools to start Employing Licence Teachers.

The Ghana National Council of Private Schools-GNACOPS organized a training workshop highlighting the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, “ACT 1023” for Private School Owners and Managers in GA East And GA West Municipalities in Greater Accra Region at Kwabena Community Senior High School.

A Day workshop meeting was focused on the legal understanding of section three (3) of the Education Regulator Bodies Act,(ACT 1023). The workshop brought to light the Functions, Roles, and permissible Duties of each of the three (3) regulatory bodies namely; National Teaching Council, NTC, National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, NaCCA, and National Schools Inspectorate Authority, NaSIA under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, MoE.

The National Executive Director of GNACOPS, Mr. Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah who was invited as the chairman for the workshop disclosed to the participants that, the government of Ghana and for that matter, the Ministry of Education is putting all measures in place to ensure that quality education delivery is achieved, hence the passage and ongoing implementation of the Education Regulatory ACT 1023.

He advised and encouraged the Private Educational Operators to strategically adopt some pragmatic Educational delivery indicators that are best to position Private Education in a certain targeted pedestal which will be appreciable to the standards of Government expectations as far as Education is concerned.

Besides, He revealed that Mangers of schools need to do more consultations, practice corporate governance structures, has a clear structure for continuous professional development programs, CPD which is now considered in the new curriculum as the Professional Learning Community, PLC to augment the capacity of Teacher professionalism and competencies for their teachers and other staff, and also focusing on the enhanced technological structures to meet the demands of 21st-century Educational delivery.

Mr. Gyetuah educated and informed the members to wipe off any intimidations and misconstrue information that is in circulation about Private Schools’ compulsory employment of licensed teachers considered to commence from May 21, 2021.

He pointed to the members that, the ACT 1023 mandates only the National Teaching Council, NTC, to determine who should be employed and who should not be employed as enshrined at Section 79 and 80 respectively in the Education Regulatory Act (ACT 1023) and for that matter, all Private Schools should wait for continuous work with the directives that come from NTC concerning teacher professionalism.

He emphatically stated that to employ only licensed teachers in May 2021 by Private Schools has not been agreed upon anywhere.

According to him, the Participatory Certificate jointly issued by the National Teaching Council and the Ghana National Council of Private Schools after the successful ongoing training of Private School Teachers on the Standards-based curriculum and the Common Core Programs is acceptable and legitimate since it provides the preparatory grounds for private school teachers who desire to take teacher professionalism continuous programs as one of the basic requirements for any professionalism.


In conclusion, he assured members about the councils’ commitment to safeguarding and providing a constant flow of information to Educate the players involved in Private Education in the country.


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