List of Courses Offered at Evangel University Akaeze

List of Courses Offered at Evangel University Akaeze

Explore the list of courses/programmes offered at the Evangel University Akaeze as well as their general requirements or cut-off marks 2023/2024 and find out how to Apply via the Evangel University Akaeze Admission Portal

List of Courses Offered At the Evangel University Akaeze

The Evangel University Akaeze offers various graduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate courses and programmes under different departments and Faculty. Evangel University Akaeze is among the Top Universities in Nigeria.

College of Arts and Social Sciences

  • B.Sc. Mass Communication
  • B.Sc. Economics
  • B.Sc. Political Science
  • B.Sc. Psychology
  • B.A Theatre Arts
  • B.A English Language
  • B.A Philosophy
  • B.A. and B.Th Religious Studies
  • B.A. History and International Relations
  • B.Sc. Sociology and Anthropology

College of Health Science

  • B. NSc Nursing Science
  • B.Sc. Public Health
  • B. Physiotherapy
  • B. MLS Medical and Laboratory Science
  • B.Sc Radiography and Radiation Science

College of Management Science

  • B.Sc. Accounting
  • B.Sc. Banking and Finance
  • B.Sc. Business Management
  • B.Sc. Marketing

College of Science

  • B.Sc. Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. Biochemistry
  • B.Sc. Microbiology
  • B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Industrial Mathematics
  • B.Sc. Physics with Electronics
  • B.Sc. Computer Science

About Evangel University Akaeze

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of the University is training the total man for total service to the society and the community, by producing a totally relevant and committed man.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to give total education to the total man and so produce graduates who shall be equipped and motivated to be leaders and role models in Nigeria’s public and private sectors.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer education for the total liberation of the total man, for total service unto God, man, the individual and the society at large, through scientific enquiry, academic integrity, tolerance of diverse views and opinions, coupled with faith in the word of God.

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Akaeze, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

EB 491104, NG