Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) shortlisted applicants for medicals

Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) shortlisted applicants for medicals

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) will soon begin calling the next batch of shortlisted applicants for medicals and training. Applicants who have undergone all these stages of the recruitment exercise; GIS e-recruitment portal, Screening (body selection and document validation), and passed the Aptitude Test has begun to receive a telephone for medicals, then proceed for training.

Besides, successful applicants will receive an appointment letter, and prospectus (items to buy) before they proceed on six (6) months of mandatory training.

Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) Prospectus for Cadets

  • A copy of the Immigration ACT, 2000 [ACT 573]
  • The Constitution of Ghana [1992]
  • Immigration Regulations
  • Citizenship ACT & Regulations
  • PNDC LAW 226

Ghana Immigration Training Items

Here are the items (to be bought by GIS Cadets), quantity, and description for your perusal. Applicants should note that this may be amended from time to time.

1Long Sleeves2White
2Short Sleeves2White
3Trousers ( Dressing)2 PairsBlack
4Skits (Dressing or Female)2 PairsBlack
5T. Shirts (Strictly Round Neck)84 White, 4 Brown
6Tennis Shirt1White with Collar
7Long Sleeves Lycra, T-Shirts (long Sleeves T-Shirt)2White
8Shorts2 PairsWhite
9Shorts2 PairsBrown
10Long Sleeves Green Shirts2 PairsFor Drill Lesson
11Khaki Trousers and Khaki Long Sleeves Shirts2 PairsFor Drill Lesson
12Belts21 Black, 1 Brown
13Socks4 PairsWhite
14Socks4 PairsBlack
15Bow Tie2Black
16Flying Tie2Black
17Cloth for Church Parade and Black Sandals (Easy Wear) – Male2Black and White Background
18KABA and SLIT, Flat shoes for Church Parade (Female)2Black and White Background
19Handkerchiefs12White Cotton
20Trainer/Sneakers2 PairsWhite (for P.T)
21Canvas/Sneakers2 PairsBrown (for Fatigue)
22Shoes with Laces (Male and female)1 PairsBlack (No Mirror Shoes)
23Shoes for Church Parade (Female)1 PairsBlack (Strictly Flat)
24Suit (Male and Female)1Black
25Briefs/Pants/Boxes6White Cotton
26Singlet6White Cotton
27Khaki Trousers and Long Sleeves Shirt (Designed to Suit Training)1Brown
28Training Boots1 pairBlack
30Pillow Slip (Cases)4White
31Bed Sheet4White
32Towel21 Any Colour, 1 White
33Bucket and Pail1 Each
36Saving Kit1
37Shoe Brush1
38Toilet Soap6
39Sewing Kit1 SetIt includes needles, thread, and buttons
40Pressing Iron1240 Volt/13 AMPS
41Torch Light/Rechargeable Lamp1Medium Size
42Pens, Pencils, Ruler, and EraserSufficientAs appropriate for your use
43A4 Sheet2 RMS
44Note Book 36
45Note Book 16
46Note Book6Pocket size with hand cover
47Dictionary1Advance learners dictionary
48Hair Clipper/Razor1 SetFor Male cadets only
49Scrubbing Brush2
50Passport Size Photograph6Colored
51Shoe Polish4 TINsKIWI Black
52Cotton Wool1 BundleFor Shinning Boots
53Toilet Rolls1 Bundle
54Parazone2 Bottles
55Pocket MoneyFor personal use
56Wristwatch1White Black Straps
59Hand/Face Towel4
60ID Cards/Name Tag1To be issued at the Academy
61Decent Traditional Dress1
62Health Insurance
63Constitution of Ghana
65Set of Cutlery1
66Drinking Cup and Plate1
67Washable Nose Mask10Green Colour
68Health Maintenance Fees
69Administrative and Sanitation Fee
70Hand Sanitizer (300ML)5
71Mobile Phone/Communication GadgetSTRICTLY NOT ALLOWED AT ACADEMY

GIS Shortlisted applicants for medical

The Ghana Immigration Service begins calling the list of qualified applicants who passed the Aptitude Test to report for medicals which is the final stage of the recruitment process. Hence, when confirmed medically fit, will be called to receive their letter of appointment and prospectus and proceed to the Academy.


Applicants are to note that, possession of a mobile phone/communication gadget is strictly not allowed (it is tantamount to dismissal).