Zetech Student Portal

Zetech Student Portal

Discover the Zetech University Student Portal via www.zetech.ac.ke and login with your student number and password to begin your unit registration for the semester and get enroll on the E-Learning platform.

  • After reporting, the system will generate your semester invoice.
  • Pay at least 40% of your semester fees
  • Login to Zetech Student Portal (portal.zetech.ac.ke) and confirm that your fee reflects on your account.
  • Once fees are confirmed to have reflected on the portal, click the “units” section and then check/tick the boxes on the left side of each unit.

How to Access www.zetech.ac.ke Student Portal

Here’s how to access and login into the student Portal.

  1. Go to Zetech University Website
  2. Navigate to Portals
  3. Select Student Portal from the drop-down menu
  4. Tap Create an Account (if you don’t have one as a student)
  5. Fill in your details
  6. Tap on the Submit button

How to Login Zetech Student Portal

Find a quick way to login to the Zetech University Online unit registration portal.

  1. Access Zetech Portal
  2. Sign in with your Student Number and Password
  3. Tap on the login button

Reset Zetech Password

Students who have forgotten their login credentials can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to this Portal
  2. Input your Registration Number
  3. Tap on the Reset Password button

A reset link will be sent to your mail. Follow the link to recover your lost password.

Zetech University Online Units Registration

Follow these steps to register your units to begin your semester lecture at the Zetech University.

  1. Access www.zetech.ac.ke student portal
  2. Enter your login credentials to access your student dashboard
  3. Navigate to Register Units
  4. Tap on Units
  5. Tick the boxes for each unit you are registering
  6. Tap on the Submit button
  7. Wait for units to be approved by your HOD
  8. Once your units are approved, the status will be changed to “Approved”

Unit Enrolment into Zetech E-Learning Portal

Once your units are approved, here’s how to get enroll for E-Learning, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login Zetech E-Learning Account
  2. Navigate to the dashboard
  3. Click on the arrow on your left to show pop up menu
  4. Tap on Sync my units button
  5. After the “sync my unit” is successful, all your units shall appear on your dashboard
  6. All units can now be accessed.

Congratulations!!! Enjoyed your studies at Zetech University.