Discover the website www.admissiongh.com and login to learn how to enroll yourself for admission if you have been placed by CSSPS in any of the following Senior High Schools, SHS in Ghana.

About Admissiongh Portal

The SHS Admission Ghana Enrolment Portal known as admissiongh is an alternative means for admission processing; to save you traveling and queuing in processing your admission.

This platform is by no means replacing the conventional method of admission processing in our Senior High Schools by CSSPS and free SHS.

Applicants have to pay a processing fee if they decide to use this platform for their admission processing. Otherwise, go to the school premises to process your admission manually.

How to Process Your Admission on Admissiongh

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to enroll yourself on any SHS placed on the admissiongh online enrolment portal.

  1. Let’s Get Started on admissiongh.com
  2. Read and tap “I Understand”
  3. Select your CSSPS School of Placement
  4. Proceed To Validation

If you don’t know your CSSPS school of placement, buy a voucher and use your BECE Index Number to check here.

  1. Get Access Token
  2. Select the Payment Mode you want to use. (eg. MTN, Vodafone, Visa, etc)
  3. Enter the Mobile Money Number
  4. Tap on Continue

You will receive OTP (One Time PIN) on the specified mobile money number for authentication. If you do not receive the OTP within two minutes, dial *713*90# to view the OTP on your mobile phone.

  1. Enter the OTP (One-Time PIN) in the spaces provided for verification.
  2. Wait for the USSD prompt on the phone.

After the mobile money number has been authenticated. You will be prompted on your phone to enter your Mobile Money PIN. If the prompt does not appear on your mobile phone within one minute. Go to Approvals in your Mobile Money menu on your phone to approve the transaction.

  1. Confirm the PIN prompt (on your mobile phone)

You will receive your payment receipt and Access Token via SMS. Use the access token delivered via SMS to log in SHS Enrollment Portal.

Login to SHS Admission GH and Enrolment Portal

Here’s how to access and login to the SHS www.admissiongh.com enrolment portal to enrol yourself online.

  1. Access SHS Online Admission Ghana Portal
  2. Enter your BECE Index Number
  3. Enter your Access Token received via SMS
  4. Tap on Validate User Access
  5. Access the Enrolment Login Page
  6. Enter your Enrolment Code
  7. Enter the Parent’s Phone Number
  8. Tap on Enroll Me
  9. Fill in your Personal Record
  10. Save to Proceed
  11. Tap to Download your SHS house kits, prospectus, and academic items or as it as PDF.

Download all the listed documents on the download page. When done with the downloads, tap on Exit to close the application.

How to Recover your Access Token

If you have paid for an Access Token and it has not been delivered; use the Recover Access Token option on the login page to recover it.

  1. Access www.admissiongh.com login page
  2. Tap on Recover Access Token
  3. Enter your Receipt No
  4. Tap on the Search button

if you don’t have a receipt number, here’s what to do:

  1. Tap on Don’t have Receipt No
  2. Enter the mobile money number used to pay for the Token
  3. Tap to Request Resend

SHS Admissiongh Dashboard

When you login into the system again, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Use the listed commands to perform various stated actions.

  • Change phone number
  • Change enrolment code
  • View and modify personal records
  • Change appointment date

Changes to appointment dates will not be available if you don’t have any active appointments found in the system.

SHS on Admissiongh Portal

Here’s the list of Senior High and Technical Schools that can process their admission on the URL: https://www.admissiongh.com/

Find your SHS Admission Form Online. Use your JHS Index Number to log into the system if you have not been placed use the CSSPS SHS Self-Placement Portal. Find STEM Schools in Ghana.

Here’s where other Senior High Schools can access SHS Online Admission Portal to process admission online and download their prospectus via www.myshsadmission.com.