WODE MAYA: A Ghanaian with the largest YouTube subscribers making money online

WODE MAYA: A Ghanaian with the largest YouTube subscribers making money online

Berthold Kobby Winkler known popularly as Wode Maya is a Ghanaian Freelance Vlogger/YouTuber.  He was born on the 3rd of March in Ahenkrofi in the Western Region of Ghana, where he grew up with his parents.

In year 2012, Wode Maya left Ghana at the age of 18 years after completing his secondary school education, he was funded to study in the UK after getting a scholarship. However, he was denied a visa to study in the UK. But through determination and perseverance, he later got admission to study Aeronautical Engineering at Shenyang Aerospace University.

How did Wode Maya becomes a YouTuber?

While in China, Maya started his YouTube channel known as mrghanababy. There, he always posts videos about his experience while studying in China. Over the years, his channel grew in popularity, attracting over 500,000 subscribers and millions of views. He has collaborated with other top YouTubers from Africa and also helped small content creators gain exposure.

What is the meaning of Wode Maya?

In Ghana, his videos usually start with, AIYA WODE MAYA, which means “oh my god” in the northeastern Chinese dialect. His vlog, has originally grown to be the welcome train to the African diaspora.  Wode Maya first joined the YouTube family on the 10th of January, 2013. The Vlogger soon gained an international audience and attention with his high content videos about his life experience in China.

How many YouTuber subscribers did Wode Maya have?

Wode Maya is the first Ghanaian Youtuber to hit 1 million subscribers. His YouTube video explore  several African countries vlogging about the country’s social scene, culture, and travel experience. After he graduated from the University, he started a movement called African to the World. His main aim was to change the narratives about what the western world, particularly China, thinks about Africa. in addition to his YouTubing and Vlogging business, he has become the best vloggers on the African continent with over 1 million subscribers and million views across the globe making him with largest YouTube Subscribers in Ghana.

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What is Wode Maya net worth?

The popular YouTuber earns an average of $10,000 monthly with an extensive collection of engaging and high visual content shot in China and other African countries. Wode Maya net worth is estimated to be in the range of $125,000 to $280,000. Wode Maya has maintained his position as a top vlogger in the past eight years. He connects with the Chinese audience because he is a fluent, Mandarin Chinese speaker.

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