What is The Origin of The Title Rabbi

Among the Ewe Traditions the list of the Ranks of High Priests in Afa  Institution are:

  1. Bokor
  2. Dzogbana
  3. Lugbede
  4. Awunor
  5. Rabbái

Most Ewes living in southern Ghana, Benin, and Togo who speak different Ewe dialects are of the view that their Ancestors wrote the Eʋe Paleo Afa Scriptures before it was mistranslated into several languages like the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Latin, and English.

“Our Eʋe Elites who sold their Conscience to the West, will come and say otherwise.”

The above is the list of ranks arrangements in the AFA INSTITUTION, and according to their findings from one of the Elders in the YEƲE and AFA, institutions show that the Highest Rank in the AFA INSTITUTION is RABBÁI in the Eʋe Paleo Language.

And when one attains this level, one doesn’t use the Afa Chains/Hotsui again. They can do the reading for you upon seeing you without the Afa Chains.

So the Ashkenazi Jews stole the RABBÁI from the Eʋe Paleo Afa institution and changed it into their modern Hebrew by removing “Á” and made it RABBI.


The RABBÁI shows you have attained the level of master a Teacher. And with the same understanding, they described the so-called Jewish teachers as Rabbi.

“Eʋeawo must relearn their ancient Paleo language to decode the Holy lies of the Europaleman.”

Credit: Midao Dr. kagbo Kumordzi

Nufiala Mawufemor Korbla Nornyibey

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