UWC Residential Services Portal

UWC Residential Services Portal

Do you want to apply for a residence at the University of the Western Cape (UWC)? Access the UWC Residential Services Portal and login to apply online.

This process will take place exclusively online, via the Residential Services Management System (RSMS). To get started, apply to study at UWC and register for your semester courses via the UWC Student Portal.

How to Access UWC Residential Services Portal

Students can log in via a PC/laptop or cellphone and can do so using one of the following:

  • South African Identification Document (ID) number
  • UWC Student number
  • Passport number
  • Application number

How to Apply for Residential Services at UWC

Here’s a Residential Services Management System (RSMS) application guide to help you apply for residence online at UWC.

  1. Access the RSMS Online Application
  2. Select a login option
  3. A Validated OTP (One-Time PIN) is generated and sent to the applicant’s email address. This is the email address used when applying to U.W.C.
  4. Go to your Email Inbox for the email
  5. Search for the Residential Services
  6. Open the email and the OTP must display (NB: the OTP is valid for 20min)
  7. Go back to the RSMS Online Application Dashboard and capture the OTP as indicated
  8. Tap on the Verify button
  9. Navigate to Employment Status

Selecting an option is compulsory therefore select the relevant option. This information will be used in our validation process.

  1. Tick the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions
  2. Tap on Submit Application
  3. Use the “Clear and start over” button if you are not sure about the information you have entered
  4. Select “Return to Application Form”
  5. It will display as follows and give you a brief history of your application

Do You Know

  • Application = Green means the Student Submitted the Application
  • Verification = Amber means Placement still needs to verify the Application

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