UPSA Hostel Portal

UPSA Hostel Portal

Access the University of Professional StudiesUPSA Hostel Portal via and find out how to register, login to book accommodation, apply for bed registration as well as Check out UPSA Hostel Fees.

UPSA Hostel Registration

Before students access the UPSA Hostel Portal, get started with the registration process, verify your details and proceed to login. 

  • Students are required to register on the Hostel Management System platform.
  • Register on the UPSA USIS Student Portal before attempting to register.
  • Students’ emails should be active and accessible, as login and verification credentials will be sent through emails.

Registration Process

  1. Access Hostel Portal
  2. Tap on ‘Register for Hostel’ to open the registration form.
  3. Enter your UPSA Student ID, Email and Phone number
  4. Register to process the registration.

Verification of Details

This ensures students’ details are correct and accessible to the student.

  • If the Student ID entered on the registration form is correct and active, the student should receive both SMS and email with OTP (One Time PIN).
  • Enter Student ID on the verification form at their respective fields.
  • Tap “Validate” to complete the registration.
  • If the OTP is correct, you will receive your password through both email and SMS.

How to Apply for UPSA Hostel

Registration by New Users

The UPSA Hostel Application can be accessed at

  1. Tap on Fresher Registration, if you do not have an account in the Hostel application
  2. Enter your Username (which is your student ID) and an Email address. [Note: Password credentials and other correspondence will be sent to this email so ensure you can still access the email]
  3. Click on the link sent to the email you provided.
  4. Enter a Password of your choice.
  5. You will be redirected to the login screen when the password is successful.

How to Login UPSA Hostel Portal

Log in by Current Users

  1. The UPSA Hostel Application can be accessed at
  2. Tap Book Accommodation
  3. Enter your Username (i.e. your student ID) and Password which you created during the initial registration.
  4. Sign In button will send you to your Student Dashboard
  5. Continue by following the steps to choose your bed.

How to Book Accommodation

Follow the steps below to book accommodation

  1. Login Hostel Portal Or Access Direct URL :
  2. Tap Book Accommodation to Login
  3. Select the Hostel of your choice (Note that the Hostels display the rooms available and their respective rates.)
  4. Select the room, followed by the bed of your choice.
  5. Read and accept the rules and regulations of the Hostels. Feel free to cancel your booking if you do not agree or accept the rules and regulations.
  6. View your bill and approve your bed reservation.

Note That:

  • You will be billed automatically after booking.
  • You will receive both email and SMS confirmation of your reservation.
  • Beds will be reserved until booking deadline. Read the confirmation email and SMS for details.

How to Pay for your UPSA Hostel Reservation

  1. Pay the Amount billed into your InterPay account at the Bank.
  2. Login UPSA InterPay Portal
  3. Select to pay the automatically billed amount. (You should receive an SMS confirmation of your payment).

Resetting Password

  1. On the login screen, Tap “I Forgot My Password
  2. Enter your email in the text box provided. Note that the email should be the email you provided during your registration or your student email given by the school.
  3. From the email, click on the link received which should redirect you to the hostel application asking for a reset of the Password.
  4. Enter a password as you require.
  5. clicking on the button will send you to the login page to login.

UPSA Hostels Fees

The Hostel Facility User Fees and its related charges per semester. The University of Professional Studies, Accra – UPSA has two halls to accommodate Level 100 known as Hostel A (OLD Hostel) and Hostel B (NEW Hostel).

Here is the list of University of Professional Studies, Accra – UPSA Hostel Fees and how to disburse fees.

Additional Information

  1. Students are to read the Rules and Regulations governing the Hostel on the University’s website ( before applying.
  2. Secure a bed by successfully booking before making any Hostel fee payment.
  3. Hostel fee payment procedure is the same as academic facility user fee payment (you pay into the University Access Bank account, the money will be transferred into your wallet, then you disburse according to other Hostel fee items on the portal).
  4. Monies paid (disbursed) are not refundable.
  5. Your secured bed could be taken from you if you fail to pay the Hostel fee by the deadline.
  6. Impersonation will attract severe punishment.

Contact UPSA Hostel Management

You may contact the Hostel Administration on 0302913535 for clarification before continuing.


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