Unilynq Student Portal

Unilynq Student Portal

Access Unilynq Student Portal and login to check results. The National Student Portal is an online dashboard for all public Senior High Schools in Ghana design with support form Ghana Education Service (GES). Students can log in using their JHS Index Number and the year of completion to access the Student Information System.

About Unilynq

Unilynq is a Student Information System designed to eliminate the use of paper data storage of student records while increasing the number of students passing their exams each year. Unilynq is a data storage system and an e-learning platform for students that keep track of their academic data and helps parents and teachers effectively monitor students’ performance and identity.

How Unilynq Student Information System Works

  • A student writes a test and attends a school
  • Teachers record tests scores and attendance
  • Teachers load test scores and attendance sheets into the Student Information Portal.
  • Students or Parents can login with their Childs Index Number to view their semester results

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Login Unilynq Student Portal

  1. Visit the Student Information Portal Here
  2. Enter Username: JHS Index Number + Year of Completion (e.g 010070101621)
  3. Enter Password: (NB: the Default Password is Ghanashs123@)

Students are required to change both the default password and e-mail once they log in.

4. Confirm your Surname and your current Senior High School.

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NB: After a successful login, the URL https://portal.unilynq.com will redirect to your current school URL (e.g. https://ketasco.unilynq.com/account/reset)