TUT Password Manager App

TUT Password Manager App

The Tshwane University of Technology – TUT Password Manager App is now fully operational. The software application is designed to store and manage your login details for TUT AD accounts.

About TUT Password Manager App

  • The Password Manager App only works if your TUT4Life and Multi-factor authentication (MFA) are set.
  • Locked-out accounts and accounts with expired passwords cannot be added to the Application, therefore, you must add your accounts to the application while they are still in good standing.
  • Some services like Teams and Outlook are hosted in the cloud. After resetting a password or unlocking an account, you may have to wait a couple of minutes.

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How to Download the TUT Password Manager App

The Password Manager app may be installed on your Android or Apple iPhone. To install,

  1. Go to Play Store or iStore
  2. Search for TUT Password Manager
  3. Tap on Install
  4. Open to launch the App
  5. Navigate via the dashboard

How to Use TUT Password Manager

The app will allow you to:

  1. Check when your password expires.
  2. Allows you to easily change your password.
  3. Check if your account is currently locked out.
  4. Allows you to easily unlock your account without changing your password.

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