Top University Courses and their Career Opportunities in Ghana

Top University Courses and their Career Opportunities in Ghana

University Courses and some career opportunities in many aspects are not meant to give students professional or special skills in the chosen fields, but rather to make them analytic and critical thinkers in other words give them creative minds. Besides, this can make them function more effectively whenever they found themselves.

Therefore, when choosing university courses and career opportunities, students must seek the right information and orientation to enable them to make the right choices when choosing courses at the Senior High to Tertiary level and their job opportunities in their fields of interest.

Tourism/Tourism and Culture/Tourism Management

This programme is to train students to serve as either professionals or academics to help develop the tourism industry.

Career Opportunities in Tourism

Opportunities are available in Ghana Museums, Air Line Industry, Civil Aviation, Hospitality, Banking, Insurance Firms, Stock Exchange Firms, Educational Institutions, Shipping Companies, Immigration, Hotels/Restaurants, etc.

Statistics (Actuarial Science/Mathematics)

This programme uses mathematics, probability and statistics to solve problems in life insurance, finance and economic planning, as well as predicting or forecasting future events by managing risks.

Career Opportunities in Mathematics

Graduates can get employed at Statistical Service, Research Departments and Institutions, Financial Institutions, Auditing Firms, Health Sectors, Tax and Revenue Services, District Assemblies, Governmental Agencies with Research Departments, Teaching, Data Analyst, Operations Researcher, etc.

Public Administration

The course deals with concepts of the state, regime, Government and bureaucracy underlying the constitution as the cornerstone of Public Administration. It includes Public sector accountability and the constitution of State Enterprise and Local Government.

Career Opportunities in Public Administration

Employment opportunities are available at Local Government, State Government, Non-Profit Organisations and Private Organisations, Administrative Officer, Admissions Director, Policy Analyst, Budget Analyst, Community Relations Officer, Assistance Controller, Development Administrator, Strategic Manager, Public Education Director, Finance Officer, Government Affairs Officer, Grant Specialist, Human Resource Officer, Labour Relation Officer, etc.

Political Science

Students who offer this programme are prepared to understand issues of the past to enable them to face future challenges at workplaces and in life.

Career Opportunities in Political Science

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Policy Makers, Civil Service, Political Parties, African Union, ECOWAS, Political Analyst, Banks, NGOs, Parliament, Immigration officer, Lecturer, etc.

Medical Laboratory Science/ Technology

This is a dynamic programme that deals with the prevention and treatments of diseases.

Career Opportunities in Science

Graduates can work at Diagnostics Laboratories, Clinics and Hospitals, National Health Service, Ministry of Health, Medical-related NGOs, Research institutions.


Students are equipped with the set of rules, legal forces that govern a country and also give effective legal advice to companies, individual, institutions and cooperative organization, etc.

 Career Opportunities in Law

Legal Consultant, legal practitioner, Judge, Legislator, Corporate Executive, lawyer, lecturer, etc,

Human Resource Management

The programme produces graduates with skills and the ability to manage most human resource and administrative works.

Career Opportunities in Human Resource Management

Job Analyst, Job Developer, Labour Relation Specialist, Consumer Affairs Specialist, Insurance Agent, Credit officer, Banker, Mortgage and Loan Officer, Investment Counsellor, Project Coordinator, Cost Analyst, Statistician, etc.

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The programme produces graduates with management skills and helps meet the challenges and dynamism of the business world. Career opportunities.

Career Opportunities in Accounting

Accountants, Cashiers, Credit officer, Banker, Mortgage and Loan Officer, Book Keepers, Investment Counsellor, Project Coordinator, Cost Analyst, Statistician, Auditor, Tax Planner, etc.

Agriculture Science

This course aim at equipping students to research into agriculture, food production, crop and animal farming to improve yield.

Career Opportunities in Agriculture

Veterinary Officer, Quarantine Officer, Extension Officer, Teaching, employment in Agro-Based industires, Project Officer at Banks, Agriculture Officer, Farmer, etc.

Computer Science

This programme is to provide students with a strong ICT foundation in software and Hardware as well as mathematics and science to develop a skill to manufacture a computer.

Career Opportunities in ICT

Computer support specialist, Computer Technician, Cryptographer, Computer Trainer, Data entry staff, Database Administrator, Desktop Publisher, Information Systems Manager, Network Administrator, Programmer, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Technical Writer, Webmaster, etc.

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