TETA Online Bursary Application Portal

TETA Online Bursary Application Portal

Explore the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) Online Bursary Application Portal and check if you are eligible to apply online. TETA invites qualifying unemployed learners to apply online for the 2023 academic year.

How to Register on the TETA Online Bursary Application Portal

All first-time users have to create an account. Here’s how to get started;

  1. Access TETA Clarity Bursary Portal
  2. Tap on register a new account
  3. Complete all the required fields (*) Indicates that the fields are compulsory and that you will not be able to proceed if the fields are not completed
  4. Password should be 7-20 characters long and should have special characters such as! @#$% as well as numeric numbers
  5. Once all the required fields have been completed click on REGISTER

NB: your name & surname needs to be captured exactly as per your ID document

  1. The below system-generated message will pop up, indicating you have successfully registered
  2. When you are done with your registration you will receive an email from [email protected]

Congratulations!!! You have now created an account with TETA Bursary you can now access the TETA Clarity Portal.

Forget TETA Login Credentials

Should in case you forget your username/password?

  • Tap on forgot password
  • The system will resend your username/password for you to reset your old/ forgotten password

TETA Online Bursary Application

Follow the steps below to complete the online application form

  1. Explore https://clarity.teta.org.za/
  2. Login with your credentials
  3. Tap my profile to update/Edit your profile
  4. Remember to tab on Save to effect changes
  5. Return to the home page to continue with your application
  6. The open bursaries windows will be displayed under Active Bursary Funding Window
  7. Tap Create Application
  8. Choose from the list of bursary qualifications to create an application
  9. Move to the bottom of your home screen
  10. Tap on the Open button
  11. Click on Edit learner profile to edit any of the learner/applicants’ information such as a physical address, contact details, etc

NB: Give consent to POPI ACT

  1. Tap on SAVE profile
  2. Proceed to complete the required/compulsory field (*)
  3. Once all fields have been captured click on save and close the screen
  4. Indicate whether you have been funded by TETA for any other interventions. All captured information will be saved on the application form
  5. Click on Add Subject/Modules
  6. Enter ALL your academic records (transcript/statement of results).

Should you have made an error whiles capturing your result onto the system you will be able to edit or delete the record.

  1. Click on edit institution
  2. Type the institution name in the search field and click search for the system to search the institution/provider (PUBLIC AND PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS WILL APPEAR)

Should your institution name not appear when searching for it – click on the institution not found icon at the bottom of the page – it will allow you to capture your institution information

  1. Tap on open to select the institution
  2. Click on Add Guardian (This section is to add patents/guardian details) Compulsory for under 18 years
  3. Mark the tick box should Physical and Postal addresses are the same – the system will duplicate the information
  4. Upload all required documentation applicable to your application and as per the TETA Bursary application guidelines

Below indicate which documents are compulsory

  • Only PDF version documents “MUST” be uploaded.
  • The date stamp should not be older than 3 months
  1. Click on upload document and select which document you want to upload

NB: Make sure you know where your PDF documents are saved to ease the upload process and to ensure that it is named correctly as this will eliminate incorrect documents uploaded.

  1. Click on choose file – select the file from where it is saved – once uploaded the file name will appear
  2. Click on submit a file
  3. Tap to view/download the file
  4. Double-check that the correct document has been uploaded
  5. Tap on submit an application
  6. Mark the tick box to confirm that all information captured is correct. Ensure to capture your Names according to your ID

Should the system pick up that any of the compulsory documents have not been uploaded or captured it will prompt you to the exact document that has not been actioned. Upon successful submission of the application, the system will save your application.

  1. An automated email will be sent to the applicant indicating the successful submission of your application together with your reference number.

Once your application has been successfully submitted you will not be able to capture any further information or edit any information. You will only be able to open and view your application. NO AMENDMENTS WILL BE ALLOWED

NOTE: Not able to apply more than once in the same funding year, using the same ID number.

TETA Shortlisted Applicants

TETA will be in contact with the successful applicants only.