Teaching Council of Zambia Teachers Recruitment

Teaching Council of Zambia Teachers Recruitment

The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) together with the Teaching Council of Zambia – TCZ has outlined simple guidelines for teachers recruitment in 2024/2025. All the applicants are to take note of the following procedures as an announcement will be made on the TSC Portal via http://www.tsc.gov.zm/, media press ( Zambia Daily Mail, Zambian Eye, Zambia Report) print as well as flatprofile.

Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) Recruitment Procedures

Here are the Teaching Service Commission of Zambia (TSC) Teachers Recruitment Application Procedures

ZAMPOST Collection and Delivery Process

All applications will be received through ZAMPOST in all 116 district

  • Applicants will receive an SMS notification upon delivery of emails:
  • ZAMPOST will set up collection points in districts where they don’t have a presence, as well as very vast districts, that will have several collection points:
  • Delivery of maile will be done as they are received from applicants and finally after the closing date of receiving applications
  • ZAMPOST will create a database for all applications received and delivered to each district, then share it with the Commission and MOE


All applications that will be received will be captured using the Teacher Tracking System.

  • All the 116 Districts will have user accounts to log-in
  • All applications received and captured will be filtered by the system according to category ECE, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY
  • The System will detect through the NRC number whether someone is registered with TCZ or not
  • All postings will be done is an action in the system indicating the school and Salary Scale
  • All reports will be downloaded, signed, and submitted to PHRMCS


A Grade 12 certificate will be verified by the HRMCs

  • There is a TSC Portal on the Examinations Council System (ECZ)
  • All trained HRMC members will be required to login and verify the G2 Results for all the shortlisted Candidates
  • After verification, print out a copy and attach it to the application
  • The System automatically generates a report for all verified results for the Technical Committed to using it for quality assurance


All applications submitted to be accounted for, regardless of whether they qualify or otherwise

  • Enter all applications received in the Data Entry System
  • Separate those who do not qualify according to the advert specification
  • Year of Completion
  • Academic Qualifications – Less than 5 credits Not registered with the Teaching Council of Zambia
  • Go into the system, take action DROPPED” and then in the comment section, give a reason for the action for those who remain to go to another round.


Sort all candidates according to the Teaching Service Commission of Zambia Teachers Recruitment Advert Specifications

  • Category ECE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY Diploma And Degree
  • Consider age and disability
  • Consider College University Accreditation (list provided by TCZ)
  • Award the points scored per category Age, Academic Qualification, Professional Qualification, Work Experience
  • 6 points at G2 gives one 20 points while someone with 26 points is awarded 5 points. A distinction earns one more point than a credit.
  • After scoring rank the candidates from the highest score to the lowest


Consider the following during the Selection Process (Advert Specifications)

  • 10% of the vacancies to be given to teachers with disabilities registered with ZAPD
  • Early Childhood Education
  • GI2 Certificate or GEC with 5 credits or better including English
  • Minimum training of 2 years and should be in possession of either a cert. or dip
  • Primary School Teacher
  • GI2 Certificate or EC with 5 credits or better including English, Maths, and a Science
  • Subject
  • Minimum training of 3 years for a diploma from an accredited institution


  • Consider the following during the Selection Process (Advert Specifications)
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • G12 Certificate or GEC with 5 credits or better including the English language
  • Merit or better in a Teaching Subject will be an added advantage
  • Must be from an accredited College or University with Minimum training period of 3 years for a diploma and 4 years degree
  • Candidates with Natural Sciences. Mathematics, design and technology ICT, business studies, Agricultural Science, and Zambian Languages will be given priority


A Needs-Based Vacancy report/allocation of positions per district will be shared through the

Responsible officers,

  • It shows the list of needs per district/station.
  • For Secondary School, consider the Subject’s needs as stated above.
  • Select from the Shortlisted Candidates according to the Ring The one who scored the highest gets posted first in the system, then the rest.
  • Go to the Candidates name in the system and take action “POSTED”
  • After posting the candidate, enter the side scale, and the school posted to
  • After posting the allocated number of candidates, all those who qualify but remain on our list are placed under “RESERVE” in the system

TSC List and Names of Newly Recruited Teachers in Zambia


When all processes of Screaming, Shortlisting. Scoring, Ranking, and Selecting Posting are done, the HRMCs will have to generate a report from the system for the Posted Candidatos:

  • Filter according to the action POSTED
  • Download the list of the Posted Candidates in PDF
  • The Chairperson and the Secretary sign at the bottom of the report.
  • The Responsible Officer will write a report giving statistics on the following
  • How many vacancies were available in the district
  • How many were selected by gender and category
  • How many did not meet the minimum requirements by gender and year of completion and challenges in the whole process, recommendations
  • How many applied in that by category and gender


The Responsible Officer will attach a list of posted candidates to the report and submit to the Provincial Human Resource Management Committee PHRMIC

  • Send a copy of the same report to the Permanent Secretary-Admin
  • Send a Copy to the Teaching Service Commission

Useful Links

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