Senior High School – SHS Online Students Admission Form Portal

Senior High School – SHS Online Students Admission Form Portal

Discover Senior High School – SHS Online Students Admission Portal via to access and download Admission Letter, Admission Form, CSSPS Enrollment Form, Prospectus, as well as Online Terminal Report Form.

Computerized School Selection and Placement System – CSSPS

Explore the CSSPS Checker Portal and Check SHS Placement. Proceed to Download School Admission Letter Online, print it out, complete the form with your details and submit a copy to the school administration, if only you are placed by CSSPS in these SHS in Ghana.

Successful aspirants are required NOT TO come to the school premises, just follow the Senior High School – SHS Online Students Admission Portal and come to school on the date announced by GES.

Courses/Programmes Offered at SHS Schools in Ghana

All second-cycle institution in Ghana offers various courses leading to the award of the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).


  • General Science
  • Business
  • Home Economics
  • General Arts
  • Technical
  • Agriculture Science
  • Visual Art

Career opportunities for various SHS courses and programmes

Core Subjects

All SHS 1 students offer the following compulsory core subjects:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies

These are offered in addition to four other elective subjects selected from one’s programme of study. Besides, the Ghana Education Service – GES in collaboration with National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has implemented a new curriculum known as Common Core Programme (CCP) expected to take effect next academic year.

Find out the educational reforms in Ghana and the new subjects outlined in the Common Core Programme (CCP).

How to Access myshsadmission Online Portal

Here is how to download my Online SHS Admission form and Letter by following the procedures;

  1. Go to URL:
  2. Tap to Select your School from the list of schools
  3. Enter your JHS Index Number
  4. Tap Login

NB: A welcome message will pop up with your full name. This message is an alert a processing fee would be charged before you proceed.

  1. Tap on “Continue to Payment” to begin the payment of the processing fee.
  2. Enter the details of the person making the payment and Tap “Pay Now”
  3. Select the mode of payment (Debit/Credit Card or Mobile Money)
  4. Enter Card Details or Mobile Money
  5. Note the Amount to be charged
  6. Tap Confirm
  7. A token would be sent to your number, check your message and enter it in the box, be patient as this may take a little longer.
  8. Click Authorize
  9. Enter your mobile money PIN, and answer YES for the amount to be debited
  10. After successful payment, enter your JHS Index Number
  11. Tap Login to access your Dashboard
  12. Tap on “Complete Personal Records Form”
  13. Fill in all fields required with your personal details.
  14. Tap “Save Records” to access your admission letter and other documents
  • Verify your details, edit if necessary, and access your admission letter, prospectus, undertaking, and medical form
  • Complete these forms and take them along when school reopens

Well done!!! Use your JHS Index number to log into the system If you have not been placed use the CSSPS SHS Self-Placement Portal. Find STEM Schools in Ghana.

List of Category A, B, C, and D Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ghana

Guidelines for New Arrivals

  • Students are to undergo a physical examination to ensure that they are in the prescribed attire, and their hair trimmed according to school regulations,s, etc. at the school gate.
  • Students especially boarders are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress or their assistants for their Kit-list to be inspected.
  • Each student would be allocated to a house of residence after going through a registration process. Day students are obliged to undergo the registration process to be affiliated with a house.
  • Students are advised to keep their registration receipts which will be used for the collection of items from the school’s store.
  • Borders are obliged to report to their houseparents for registration and dormitory allocation.
  • Boarders are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress for the allocation of tables in the dining hall.
  • Under no circumstance should a student give pocket money or any personal items to a senior for safekeeping. Such monies should be kept with their house parents.

Guidelines for Subsequent Arrivals

  • Students are to report to their House-parents for registration immediately upon arrival.
  • Boarders are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress for table allocation.

My SHS Online Admission

Here is the list of Senior High Schools (SHS) on the Online Admission Portal

  • Abutia Sensor Hugh Technical School (ABUTIA TET)
  • Asanteman Senior High School (ASASS)
  • Asukwakwa Senior High School (ASUSEC)
  • Ave Senior High School (AVESCO)
  • Bishop Herman College (BIHECO)
  • Bueman Senior High School (BUSEC)
  • EPC: Mawuko Girls Senior High School (MAWUKO)
  • EP Technical And Vocational Institute
  • Dogli Memorial Technical Institute (DOTECH)
  • Kpando Technical Institute (KPANTECH)
  • Kpeve Senior High Technical School (KPLSTECH)
  • Lekkebi Seine High School (LESEC)
  • Mafi Kimose Sendor Tigh Technical School (MARSTECH)
  • Mawuli School (MAWULI)
  • Mfantsipim School Cape Coast (BOTWE)
  • Nkonya Senior High School (NKOSEC)
  • Nkwanta Community Senior High Technical School
  • Nkwanta Senior High School (NKWASEC)
  • Okajakrom Senior High Technical School (OKASH-TECH)
  • OLA Girls Senior High School, Ho (OLAGISS)
  • Peki Senior High School (PESCO)
  • Peki Senior High Technical School (PESTECH)
  • Prempeh College (AMANFO)
  • Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School Legon (PRESEC)
  • Sokode Senior High Technical school
  • Paul’s Senior High School. Asakraka-Kwahu (PASCO)
  • Tapaman Senior High School (TASTECH)
  • Three-Town Senior High (TTSHS), Denu
  • Vakpo Senior High Technical School (VASTECH)
  • Vakpo Senior High School (VASEC)
  • Wesley Girls’ High School (WEYGEYHEY)
  • Worawora Senior High School (WORASEC)
  • Ziope Senior High School (ZIOSEC)

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