SDD-UBIDS Students Portal

SDD-UBIDS Students Portal

Explore the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies – UBIDS Students Portal and find out how to Login with your academic credentials to access your student dashboard for online course registration via the student portal.

How to Access the UBIDS Students Portal

Here are the login instructions;

  1. First-time users default password for both staff and students is ubids2020
  2. Fresh level 100’s and Fresh level 200’s and fresh postgraduates, use your provided permanent student ID in your admission letter and the default password to login.
  3. Continuing students, level 200 and level 300 use your admissions ID and your last password or a default password or request for a password reset if in any case and it will be sent to your email provided in your manual registration.
  4. For Staff, use your staff ID or your given institutional email and default password or updated password, if you cannot login, please request for activation of your access.
  5. Login credentials are case sensitive, in your Student ID or Staff ID as username, use caps are required.

UBIDS Students Portal Online Course Registration

UDS Level 300 and Level 400 are expected to register on your UDS student portal.

Here is the step-by-step guide for SDD-UBIDS first year’s students’ Registration Process.

  1. Visit the URL:
  2. Log in using your Student’s ID as indicated in your admissions letter. Use the default Password ubids2020.

NB: If you cannot login please go to the issue/complaint form to fill the form and it will be rectified as soon as possible.

  1. When you successfully log in, it will automatically take you to your account where you can update the password.
  2. Go to the registration rules and regulations link to read the modalities before you start the registration process.
  3. Next, go to the registration link at your left sidebar. This will show you your permanent student ID and other student details such as name and academic year
  4. Click on show the “program details” button and it will display your program as shown in your admissions letter and a list of core courses.
  5. You can add an elective course(s) to the courses table by going to the “Add Course” button, selecting the course, and clicking “Add”.

NB: Please, if in doubt of your elective course(s), you may verify with your department, faculty, or school. You cannot register below or above the minimum or maximum credit limits

  1. The fees table will show your fee details and whether you have made payments or not, if your outstanding amount is 0, then you can register for your program if not you may have to clear your balance.

If you have fully paid your fees and it is not reflecting, please fill the complaint or issue form by scanning and uploading your deposit slip through the form, and the accounts office will have it rectified.

  1. Click on the “Register for this Trimester” button to register.
  2. Download proof of registration to get the PDF of your proof of registration. Alternatively, you can go to the sidebar to your left and Tap on proof of registration to get it.
  3. Save your proof of registration document in PDF
  4. Print it and send it to your faculty for verification to complete the registration process.

SDD-UBIDS Online Course Registration Guidelines

Students are expected to pay their fees before they can access the registration portal. Fees can be paid through transflow at any NIB, ADB, or Stanbic Bank branches throughout the country, or through Eagle pay at GCB.

Note that, those who fail to register online cannot have their results uploaded after examinations.

After registration, students are required to submit two copies of the registration form at their respective Faculties/Schools for online verification and endorsement. One copy of the endorsed forms shall be given to the student as evidence of registration whiles the other copy is kept at the Faculty/School.

Below are the respective online registration sites:

SDD-UBIDS Students Portal URL:

UDS Students Portal URL:


Students who encounter challenges with registration should send their complaints to this email for attention and rectification: [email protected]

Have issue? Send us an email to [email protected] or send a message to WhatsApp number +233 55 091 8837 and your issue will be resolved within 72 hours