SAPS Special Task Force Recruitment

SAPS Special Task Force Recruitment

The South African Police Service (SAPS) Special Task Force (STF) is undertaking a recruitment initiative to address the high attrition rate within the Special Task Force. Explore the requirements and application procedures required to join the South African Police Service (SAPS) Special Task Force (STF).

Vacancies in the SAPS Special Task Force

The South African Police Service (SAPS) Special Task Force (STF) is undertaking a recruitment initiative to address the high attrition rate within the Special Task Force: Division: Visible Policing and Operations.

Qualified individuals who meet the following requirements and who are interested in employment in the STF of the SAPS are invited to indicate their interest in writing: Targeted Recruitment: Only individuals with existing STF or equivalent military training (e.g. South African Special Forces (ONLY SF) will be considered.

STF Rank and Employment Offers

  • Successful candidates will be appointed as STF Operators/Members, in the rank of Warrant Officer.
  • Candidates who have previously held a rank of Captain or above may be offered an equivalent rank, subject to available posts.
  • Successful candidates will be expected to enter into a five-year contract with the SAPS.

SAPS Special Task Force Requirements

  • Valid driver’s license and firearm competency.
  • Compliance with National Instruction 18 of 2019 (Integrity Management) as far as Remunerative Work is concerned.
  • Successful fitness and shooting evaluation.
  • Successful completion of refresher or conversion courses.
  • Confirmation of Suitability for appointment.

Application Process

  1. Interested candidates are required to submit a written expression of interest.
  2. Prospective candidates will be issued with a written salary offer for consideration and acceptance, and no expectation to be appointed may be created until a formal appointment letter has been issued.
  3. Candidates who are offered employment (enlistment) will be expected to subject themselves to a vetting process, which includes the submission of various documents such as;
  • Updated/recent Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Certificate of acceptance of the post/appointment and salary offer;
  • Certificate of the unauthorized disclosure of information;
  • Code of Conduct,
  • WP1002:
  • Nomination of beneficiaries (Death Grant);
  • Proof of registration with the South African Revenue Service (SARS);
  • Fingerprints and AFIS report from LCRC;
  • Certificate from the Commander of the candidate that they did not have any pending criminal/departmental cases or investigations or any criminal/department convictions when they resigned from the Service;
  • Confirmation of acceptance of duty
  • Appointed candidates are expected to start working at the SAPS within two months, after having been offered employment;
  • Compensations: A scarce skills allowance is payable to qualifying employees.


Colonel GC Barties:

012 400 6440 082 371 7355

[email protected]

Hand deliver or courier applications to Maupa Naga Building, 3 Troye Street, 2nd Floor Special Task Force

Sunnyside, Pretoria 0132


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