SAINTS Online Admission Portal

SAINTS Online Admission Portal

Check out the St. John’s School, Sekondi – SAINTS Online Admission Portal and login to download the SHS admission letter, admission form, CSSPS enrollment form, prospectus, kits list, and enrolment code via

About the St. John’s School, Sekondi¬†Online Admission Portal

The St. John’s School Sekondi Online Admission Portal is a digital platform that facilitates the admission process for prospective students. With user-friendly features and a streamlined interface, the portal allows applicants to submit their personal information, academic records, and supporting documents electronically.

It also provides updates on application status and serves as a communication channel between applicants and the college’s admission office. The online admission portal enhances efficiency, reduces paperwork, and offers convenience to both applicants and the institution, making the admission process smoother and more accessible.

How to Login to the SAINTS Admission Portal

Explore the steps to log in to confirm and download the SHS Admission form and letter. 

Note: Only St. John’s School, Sekondi, students can complete the Online Admission Form.

  1. Explore the myshsadmission main website via myshsadmission
  2. Locate the section needed to select your school to proceed with the portal
  3. Thereafter, select your school (St. John’s School, Sekondi) and Tap on it
  4. After that, enter your JHS Index Number
  5. Locate and Tap on Login Button to Proceed
  6. Complete and submit the admission form
  7. Print your Admission Notice
  8. Download the Kit List and other documents, including the CSSPS enrollment form, prospectus, and kits list.


  1. The use of this platform is merely an additional option for finishing your admissions process; it does NOT replace the manual admissions procedure. This means you may opt to attend the school in person and complete your admission process.
  2. Again, NOT all schools have signed up for this service; if you have a special placement arrangement and are unable to access the online admission of the school because our system has NOT been updated (our system is updated only during working hours), please visit the school in person.

St. John’s School, Sekondi Contact Details

Address: W7JC+RRQ, Sekondi Rd, Takoradi

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